Working out during pregnancy (with your doctor’s okay!) can have a number of health benefits, from decreased risk of gestational diabetes to less lower back pain.

If you want to stay active while pregnant, shape up like a celebrity mom-to-be with this pregnancy workout created by The Fhitting Room’s Amanda Butler, inspired by expecting moms Beyoncé and Amal Clooney.

"Pregnancy is such a beautiful and delicate time in a woman’s life,” says Butler, who has trained Baywatch star Alexandra Daddario. "It’s important to listen to your body and make (or start making) healthy choices for you and your baby. Working out (once cleared by your doctor) is a great healthy choice to make during your pregnancy.”

"Working out during your pregnancy helps reduce backaches, bloating and swelling, increases your energy, and improves not only your mood, but your posture as well,” she continues. "I am currently 21 weeks and feeling healthy and strong. Working out has definitely attributed to this, and I am happy to share with you this quick workout that you can do anywhere!”

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Here are five of Butler’s favorite moves:

Sumo Squats:
Stand with feet wider than your hips and your toes turned slightly out. Lower your hips down into a squat keeping your weight back in your heels. Try to get hips even with your knees and then stand back up. Repeat.

Push Ups:
Start in a high plank position, lower your chest towards the floor as you bend your elbows back at a 90 degree angle. Your hands should be in the same line as your chest. If you can, tap your chest to the floor and then press back up to the high plank position. To modify, drop down to your knees, but still maintain a flat back throughout the movement. Repeat.

Step Ups:
Step up onto a box or bench. Step with your right foot and then your left. Step down to the ground with your right foot and then your left. Repeat on the other side, leading with the left leg. Throughout the movement, drive your weight through your heel to step up. To modify just lower the height of the step.

Plank Ups:
Start in a high plank position, shoulders stacked right over wrists. Lower your right elbow to the floor, and then the left. Then press your right hand into the floor, and then the left pushing yourself back up into the high plank position. Repeat on the other side, leading with the left arm. Make sure to squeeze your glutes, legs and core so your hips do not sway side to side. To modify you can drop to your knees.

Squat Thrusts:
From a standing position, squat down placing hands on the floor. Jump back into a plank position, jump your feet back in (in a wide stance — feet outside your hands) and then stand up. Repeat.

Perform each of the moves for 30 seconds, taking a 15 seconds rest in between (or longer if you need). Repeat the circuit three to five times depending on your level and how you are feeling.

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