Sometimes I feel like finding the perfect beauty product requires so much weeding through brands and shades that just aren't my type. Keeping track of the ones that might make the cut can be this whole thing, too. Thankfully, Sephora has clearly been up to speed with my recurring beauty dilemma and found a way to make discovering the perfect product a little more interesting. Honestly, they've made it kind of like a dating app. I never even knew I needed that until now.

With their new online shopping feature, Swipe it. Shop it., I got to experience that nifty swipe right-swipe left feature, but instead of pickup lines popping into my inbox, I got 10+ makeup products chilling in my cart.

Swipe it Shop it 1

To reiterate, the new feature really looks like a classic dating app. I was able to swipe left or swipe right on a bunch of different beauty looks (think eyeliners, eyeshadows, false lashes, lipsticks, etc.) and then found corresponding products and application tips. Totally no shame in being picky BTW—otherwise you'll wind up with like 50 products in your cart. The struggle is REAL.

Swipe it Shop it 2

But if you do happen to be swipe right happy with what the brand presents in front of your eyes, you'll see application tips, quick tutorials, and a link to buy the actual product. What's most helpful about this tool is that you actually get to see what the product looks like when applied to a person. You're swiping right (or left—sorry the love for product is unreal) on actual pictures of people, which is often so much more helpful than your average smear.

I found myself swiping right on almost all of the falsies and bright eyeshadows. I guess you could say I have a type.

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