There are some situations that women have been told to avoid—the crazy cat lady with 80 cats, the girl with so many dogs that they've taken control of the apartment Planet of the Apes style. First, who cares? Second, there are a lot of benefits to having a pet. They're cute, they're super cuddly, and they're a foolproof way to amp up your selfies. According to a new study, having a pet (or four, we're not judging) is actually good your health.

According to Reuters, a study done by the High Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Prevention Journal found that women over the age of 50 were less likely to experience a stroke if they have a cat or dog (more so if you have a cat). The study apparently looked at 4,000 people over the age of 50 and found that female pet owners have a 40 percent less chance of dying from a stroke. This phenomenon was however only seen in women, men did not seem to benefit from having a pet. That's not to say that dogs and cats don't make dudes happy, though.

Regardless of this study's findings, there are many studies out there that explain the benefits of having a pet. In 2013, the American Heart Association released a statement that noted pet ownership was linked with a decrease in heart disease.

Yet another study indicated that those that owned dogs were more likely to achieve sufficient physical activity for the week than those who didn't have a pup. Looks like all those dog walks are good for Sparky and you!

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