If your medicine cabinet is overflowing with skincare products, it might be time to consolidate your go-tos. The key to paring down your creams, serums, and masks? Multitasking products like Alleyoop’s all-in-one spot treatment, Spot Me.

Although it comes in an adorably tiny, travel-friendly tube, the treatment effectively calms all sorts of bumps and blemishes, from zits to ingrown hairs. So instead of stocking up on ingrown hair serum, pimple patches, and creams that promise to ward off acne, you can spend just $12 on a tube of Alleyoop’s cruelty-free, vegan formula.

With ingredients like hydrating glycerin, exfoliating and tone-evening glycolic acid, and anti-inflammatory salicylic acid to unclog pores, it soothes bumps without drying out the skin. The formula goes on clear so you can apply it on clean skin or even underneath makeup for facial blemishes. All you need is a small squeeze. It won’t sting or cause peeling, and it’s meant to be used up to three times a day for best results.

Ulta shoppers confirm the product is discrete and efficient when used properly. "It goes on clear to and doesn't dry out the skin. I highly recommend it and use it every time a blemish appears,” one reviewer wrote.

With self-quarantine causing stress, ravaging sleep schedules, and making exposure to natural vitamin D a challenge, breakouts are pretty inevitable right now — whether or not you’ve been going makeup-free. Not to mention the fact that being unable to visit a salon for a regular wax could leave ingrown hairs wreaking havoc on your bikini line. So if there was ever a time to experiment with a new all-in-one spot treatment, it’s now.

Head to Ulta to grab a tube for yourself and stop acne and ingrown hairs in their tracks. And don’t worry, when you can safely leave the house at your leisure, you can carry the petite product with you, even in your smallest bag.

Alleyoop Spot Me All-In-One Blemish Treatment

Shop now: $12; ulta.com

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