January will come to a close this week. How did you do? Did you stick to your ’dry January’ goals? Did you give up dairy for the month? Did you work out like you said you would? Well, even if you didn’t, I have good news for you: It’s not too late to start. Let Shred-uary begin.

If you did stick to your plan of giving up drinking wine during the first month of 2017, chances are you’re noticing that it’s much easier to fit into your favorite pair of jeans now, and all of your best jackets actually have room to breathe. Nothing feels better than looking good in your clothes, right? After all, Americans spend an astounding amount on clothing every year — we better look good.

February is the month in which the real transformation begins — I’ve seen it happen over the last three decades in my fitness career. February is the month when results begin to take form. Your arms start to show some definition, your top two abdominal rows start to pop, and the area just below your waistline begins to cinch just a little closer to your spine, without your having to suck it in. You’re getting to know that feeling you get when you make healthy choices all day long — you go for the workout, you drink water all day, you shower off, you go to bed early, then after eight hours of sleep, that 6:30 a.m. alarm clock goes off and you actually aren’t annoyed that you have to get up. You’re ready for the day to begin again — with so much more energy than before. Everything is better when you feel this good on the inside.

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But what if you haven’t been doing so great in January? Here’s what you can do:

1. Regroup.

2. Get in touch with a friend who’s always exercising, and ask if you can join her for her February workouts. Asking for help is OK, and it will make you feel accountable.

3. Look at your schedule and rearrange some things so that you can actually show up for those plans that involve moving fast.

4. Purge your fridge of any unwanted food choices that aren’t good for you, like leftover cake from that party, cookies you don’t need and ice cream in the freezer — then restock your kitchen with healthy choices, like celery sticks, cucumber slices, blueberries, raspberries, red apples and green grapes.

5. Pick up The Piper Protocol: The Insider’s Secret to Weight Loss and Internal Fitness by Tracy Piper. It is a true guide to the human machine and will give you just about every single option there is to eat healthy this month.

6. Exercise five to seven days of the week, for 30-60 minutes each session.

7. Sleep seven to nine hours each night.

8. Drink five one-pint bottles of water every day.

9. Watch your extra body fat drip off. The diet you choose to follow will be a huge component of your success. Consult a nutritionist — even one who’s online. There’s so much help on the web, it’s insane. (And free!) Just make sure that if you have medical issues, you always consult your doctor before adding anything new to your diet or exercise regime.

Happy Shred-uary!

This article originally appeared on Motto.com.

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