In addition to being all about that bass, Meghan Trainor is also all about giving some serious lip, making her latest collaboration more perfect than ever. To celebrate the release of her album Title, in stores today Jan. 13, the star has teamed up with Clinique to design a bag inspired by her "Lips Are Movin" video, which you can pick up with any purchase of $30 or more from Clinique outposts nationwide and online at

To help you meet that $30 mark, Trainor hand-picked a few of her lip color faves from the brand's existing line, ranging in the spectrum from tawny nude to bold strawberry. We caught up with the star, who is equal parts hilarious and talented, to find out all about her collaboration with the brand, her penchant edgy style choices, and the makeup technique that changed her life. Keep reading to get all the details, and pick up her makeup bag and new album in stores starting today!

Congratulations on your collaboration with Clinique! What was your reaction when you were asked to team up with the brand?I'm so excited! Oh my god, I was pumped. I actually had no idea---my label brought me the deal and told me it was all set, and I was like, "I get to do what?! Makeup!"

Were you a fan of Clinique beforehand?Yeah, I actually heard about it from my makeup artist. I was asking her, "Yo, I'm getting acne and I can't keep pounding this stuff on my face. Can you help me find a nice brand to take care of that?" She told me Clinique had a really good line for acne, and I was like, done! That's when I made the connection like, "Oh my god, I'm designing a bag for Clinique! Yaaas, makeup for life!" [laughs]

It's kind of perfect that you got to select your favorite lip products from the collection---what colors do you tend to go for?Oh yeah, that nude life! Clinique let me pick out nine of my favorite shades, and I chose a bunch of simple and pretty nude colors you can wear every day. I love lip products and I'm always like, "Yo, anyone got a gloss I can use? I'll take anything, even a ChapStick, I need something!" So it was fun to pick a few of my favorite colors I'd wear on my lips.

Do you have tips on finding your perfect shade of nude?Well, I'm very pale, so anything I put on is like, "Wow, you actually put something on." [laughs] For me, it depends on where I'm going. Today, we did a very simple lip, but if I'm going out, I'm gonna get a juicy darker color so I can feel sassy and be like---look! I put something on my lips! I'm not that great at stuff like that yet, but I'm learning.

You just came off the Jingle Ball tour—did you learn any behind-the-scenes makeup tricks there?Oh yeah, Jessie J blew my mind. She walks up to me with this very neutral, barely there makeup look. Not even a lip, just this clean, buttery, perfect skin, and maybe some mascara and eyebrows on. I was like, "Um, why are you perfect?" Meanwhile I'm putting all this makeup on for an hour going for a pop star look, and she has barely anything on and she's gorgeous. I learned, in the future, let's take it down a notch. Let's calm it down and show the natural beauty, which we did for the shoot today, it's new for me. No fake eyelashes---these are real!

No way!These puppies are real! It was the first day I got to do anything without fakes, so I was pumped. I don't feel like I've pounded on the makeup and I feel clean.

Do you have any tricks for making your eyes pop?Thanks, Mom and Dad! That was all genetics! [laughs] My brother's eyelashes are ridiculously long too, but mine are straight. When I'm at the dentist, I'll be looking down and my dentist will be like "Holy crap, you've got long eyelashes." My trick would be to get those puppies into an eyelash curler and pop 'em up.

There are so many fun style and beauty moments in your videos, like your pink hair in "All About That Bass." Are there any looks you'd wear in real life?"Lips Are Movin" was really my style and in line with my look. I remember for "All About That Bass," I was like, "What? Why is there a pink bow in my hair?" So "Lips" was more me with my black leather jackets, black skirts, and fun tops. I love going out wearing things like that. It's so funny, when I go out, I'll wear my performing outfit. My friends will say, "Um, maybe switch it up?" and I'll be like, "Nope! I'm comfortable in this." [laughs]

Have you always been into bold colors and prints?Oh yeah, in high school I was always wearing cheetah shirts for life. I shopped at Forever 21, so you know all those animal prints were all up in there and I was lovin' it. I'm from Nantucket and everyone is very preppy---white pants, plain shirts, that kind of thing. I was like, black leather pants, cheetah shirt, what's up?! There's a picture of me somewhere online that I hope doesn't come up where there are seven girls around me, they're all wearing white pants, and I'm literally wearing that outfit.

Your parents are jewelers---does that mean you like to go all out with accessories, too?No! They don't give me jewelry anymore because they know I'll lose it. [laughs] I was young, and they gave me a ring, I was 14 and it was my first piece of jewelry ever, and that was a mistake because that ring is long gone. They make real jewelry, like really nice, 14 Karat gold, do not lose this kind of stuff, and of course I lose it. Nowadays when I'll get a piece for Christmas or something, they'll be like, "Here's some jewelry. Please hang on to it." I'm working on it!

What is the best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?Contour! Contour is everything. I just learned that. I used to just powder my face up and be one color, and it wouldn't look good in pictures, but contour changed my life. I got a kit that helps me, and I was always told to play up the cheekbones, down your nose, and forehead. Basically, outline your face. Show that you got bones in there and you've got structure, let it shine!

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