Calling all vampires! Tonight (Sept. 27), the moon will be at its closest in three decades, which also happens to coincide with a total lunar eclipse and a full moon. The result? A moon that will appear reddish in hue and abotut 14 to 30 percent bigger than usual. Assuming no bad weather comes our way, the sky is going to be filled with the brightest, biggest, boldest, baddest moon any of us have seen in our lifetime. The next Super Blood Moon won't happen until 2033.

So, get thee to a rooftop or pier-side bar, look up and howl! Here are a few of our favorite outdoor bars where the drinks are strong as the moon-glow, and the scene is just as intoxicating.

This urban hangout for chic Latinos and Chelsea gallerinas has a plein air bar on its tip-top level (and a pool, but you've got to be a guest of the hotel to take a dip). Order a mojito and some Mexican apps to go with the laid-back vibe courtesy of architect Enrique Norten (and hotel wunderkind Rafael Miche). Had too much to drink? Let the moon be your flashlight as you teeter downstairs and check into one of the hotel's sleek and modern guest rooms.

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