Getting a Keith Haring original to hang on your wall may set you back a few thousand dollars, but thanks to Clarisonic, you can feature the artist's iconic work on your vanity while raising awareness for an amazing cause. To kick off their series of artist-inspired brushes, everyone's favorite sonic skin care tool is paying homage to Haring's famed illustrations with three limited-edition tools. The project is a result of the partnership between Clarisonic and the Keith Haring Foundation, an organization that provides assistance to not-for-profit charities providing research, education related to AIDS, and resources to those affected by the disease.

Keith Haring rose to fame in the early '80s for his murals and street art that combined equal parts social activism with larger-than-life visuals. After he passed away from complications related to AIDS in 1990, the Keith Harigng Foundation was established in his honor, and its cause holds a special place in the heart of the device's co-founder Dr. Robb Akridge. "Before I was a co-founder at Clarisonic, I spent 10 years traveling around the world as a HIV/AIDS researcher. I was forever changed by that experience," he says. "Our holiday collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation is so meaningful to me and all of us here at Clarisonic. We're excited and humbled to share Keith Haring's art and message of compassion aournd the world." Find the Keith Haring special edition sets, which come with a patterned carrying case that could probably do double-duty as our new makeup bag, at right now for $149 each.

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