Wedding cakes have been part of the tradition of saying "I do" for a very, very long time—but they haven't stayed the same throughout the years.

Earlier this week, Mode shared another of their one of their epic time-lapse videos, this one titled "100 Years Of Wedding Cakes," and it takes a decade-by-decade look at the confections couples cut into on their big day beginning with 1916 and ending in 2016.

Take a look at the evolution of these sweet creations—all designed by Gabrielle Feuersinger of Cake Coquette—in less than three minutes. Check it out:

Starting off in 1916 you can see that wedding cakes were quite simplistic in design and scope but, as the decades progress, they get bigger and crazier until we see the over-the-top concepts of 2016. The looks may change, but every single one is mouthwatering.

We have to shout out the monstrosity featured for 1986 that is the epitome of gaudy wedding cakes. There are multi-tiers and multi-bases, but the real masterpiece on this stunner is the pair of kissing doves sitting atop it.

Um, can we get a slice?

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