In an ideal world, we’d all have the time and energy to seamlessly pull off duck a l’orange or fresh baked fruit pie on any random weeknight. But the reality is that after a long day of work, our goal is just to make something edible using the ingredients we already have in our fridges and pantries. Bonus points if it’s delicious!

Food52 feels the same way. That’s why they just launched (Not)Recipes, an app that gives users inspiration for off-the-cuff cooking. The app (available for free in the iTunes store) provides a real-time feed of the improvisational meals being prepared in kitchens everywhere, along with a "Featured" list curated by Food52’s editors. Home cooks can also use the app to explore trending ingredients and themes (peas, parsley, and #notsaddesklunch inspo is all just a tap away) and post their own photos and captions.

Food 52 App - Embed

The feed feature of (Not)Recipes allows users to interact with "likes” and comments, and select from a wide range of custom filters inspired by chef personalities like Mario Batali, whose namesake filter appropriately gives images a vibrant boost and reddish hue.

Basically, if you enjoy cooking, using Instagram, reading food blogs, and breaking the rules, you’re going to love this app.

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