Whenever I told friends, family, and my beauty department coworkers that I had bad hormonal acne, no one believed me and I owe it all to Anastasia Beverly Hills's Stick Foundation.

Along with every spot treatment and natural remedy, when I first started struggling with cystic acne breakouts I tried a whole pile of foundations to find the best one that would conceal the state of my skin. Pre-acne woes I only wore concealer so making the switch to a full-coverage foundation that wouldn't feel heavy or get cakey around my pimples was difficult, to say the least.

After trying a number of liquid formulas that either oxidized or didn't make my pimples (almost) invisible, I was willing to give one of the stick variety a shot. While Anastasia is known for their brow products and glow-inducing palettes, the Stick Foundation ($25; sephora.com) can hold its own, too.

The creamy, opaque formula glides on smoothly directly out of the tube and melts right into the skin so it's undetectable. Although it has a matte finish, moves with your skin so that it looks natural and not like you're wearing layers of makeup. However, what really sold me on making this stick my new go-to was that despite running around in the New York humidity, the foundation never settled into my pimples or started pilling when I sweat. To sum it up: no touch-ups required.

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Even though I've turned to a prescription to get my hormonal acne under control, I've stuck with using this foundation. After all, my post-breakout scars aren't going to conceal themselves.

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