Between testing hundreds of exfoliants for the Best Beauty Buys, and the new addicting gommage formulas on the market, we thought we had seen just about every face scrub out there, until the Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula ($149; crossed our desk. Though the device looks like an oversized razor, the rounded edges are incredibly gentle, and it exfoliates your skin in a way that you'd previously only find at a spa. Consider it to be a real-time pore strip---after you've cleansed your face, leave it wet, turn on the tool, run the spatula over congested areas, and watch (while being weirdly satisfied) as the dirt, sebum, and leftover makeup get worked out of your pores. The device emits ultrasonic waves at 24,000 Hz per second, which is strong enough to coax even the most stubborn blackhead out of its place.

Once you've finished your DIY ultrasonic skin-scrubbing treatment, wipe the spatula down to clean it, then switch the tool to the ion function. Apply a layer of your favorite serum or moisturizer, and flip the tool over so that the angled side is against your skin. As you sweep the spatula over each area, the device will emit ions that allow the active ingredients in the products to penetrate your skin at a deeper level. We recommend breaking out the skin spatula once a week for a good deep-cleanse. The tool may look funny, but the reduction of clogged pores, excess oil, and dry skin you'll notice will be no joke---not to mention, it may just give your aesthetician a run for their money.

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