Even when she's stepping off a plane, Chrissy Teigen is working it. The 31-year-old model landed at LAX yesterday, and she looked incredibly chic as she pushed Luna's stroller through the airport.

Teigen, who recently starred in LOVE magazine's annual advent video series, was spotted making her way through the Los Angeles airport yesterday. She was hiding behind big shades, but her unmistakable style was instantly recognizable. The former Sports Illustrated model was wearing a stunning black-and-white patterned trench coat over and all-black outfit, complete with black pointed boots. She completed the look with a black hat and sunglasses to hide her face, as she pushed her daughter in a stroller.

Chrissy Teigen EMBED

While Teigen's airport outfit is on point, her time in the air wasn't as smooth. She published a series of tweets yesterday about an unfortunate encounter she had during her flight—apparently while talking to another passenger, Teigen criticized a popular movie, only to find out that the film starred the man's niece. In her tweet, she wrote: "Just told a guy on the plane that he watched one of the worst films I've ever seen and he said his niece is the lead because fml." Oops!

It may have been a foot-in-mouth-moment, but it's just one more reason Teigen is so relatable.

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