The bleakly stocked minibar could soon be a thing of the past. Indie food purveyor, Mouth, has joined forces with budding micro-hotel chain Arlo Hotels to launch curated shops in the lobbies of two of its N.Y.C. locations.

When guests walk inside Arlo Hudson Square (231 Hudson Street) or Arlo NoMad (11 East 31 Street), they'll find a deliciously curated collection of local snacks, and we're not just talking Pringles and Life Savers. Some of the tasty-sounding finds featured in the Hudson Square location include dark & stormy popcorn, almond toffee bars, small-batch potato chips and chocolate chip pecan cookies. These in-house bodegas come in especially handy since fridges in the Arlo Hotel rooms come empty—so that guests can create their own pantry out of finds from the boutique downstairs.

Mouth + Arlo - embed

Instead of ordering room service or shelling out money for overpriced in-room snacks, guests can try local snacks in a chic setting. "Each hotel is going to have a different vibe, and much of that will be based on the neighborhood they're in," says Mouth CEO Craig Kanarick, "We just try to choose the things that fit best—salty, sweet, savory, and flavorful."

The lobby shops are open 24/7 and if you're local, or not looking to stay, you can still feel free to stop in and browse—we know we will.

Check out the Mouth x Arlo selections here or see for yourself at one of the two New York locations.

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