In need of nail inspiration for your gel nails? Then you have come to the right place! We have found 43 of the most gorgeous gel nail designs from Instagram. Gel nails are brilliant because not only do they look fabulous, but the polishes can stay chip free for a couple of weeks! We love gel nails and know that you will love our best picks too. There is a nail design for everyone, from glitzy glitter to trendy nail art. What are you waiting for?! Take a look!

1. Trendy, Lace and Red Gel Nails

The first gel nail design we have to show you is this trendy lace look. This design features a red matte nail, red and glitter design, black glitter nail and black lace nail art. The thumb nail is also matte black. This is a gorgeous look that will suit the times when you want to feel glam. You can recreate the pattern with nail tape. For the lace design, you can buy nail stickers or check out some tutorials online.

2. Glitter and Matte Gel Nails

Add a stylish splash of color to your look with nails like these. This manicure features two different purple shades with two glitter nails. It is a bright and fun look that will suit any occasion. The polishes used for this look are Semilac in shades Burgundy Wine, Midnight Samba and Pink Cherry.

3. Chic Matte Stiletto Nails

Next, we have a chic matte look. These are stiletto nails in a beautiful mauve shade. There is also an accent nail with small sparkling crystals. This is an elegant manicure that would be great for a special occasion. For a subtler look, you can put a similar mauve shade on your nails without the sparkly accent nail.

4. Clear Gel Nails with Glitter

Looking for glam nails that will wow? Then these are for you! Here we have clear, stiletto gel nails. The nails are clear and then there is stunning, sparkly glitter about half way down. These nails would be amazing for a special occasion such as a party. You can use any glitter color with clear nails.

5. Shiny, Dark Red Gel Nails

Our next idea is a beautiful dark red look. Dark red is a stunning color that never goes out of style. These nails are a great example of how gorgeous it can be. The coffin nails featured here would look amazing from the desk to the dance floor. To recreate the look, you will need the Ready to Wear Gel Polish by Luxe Gel Professional.

6. Stylish Gel Nails with Tribal Art

Love wearing stylish nail art and cool colors? Then you need to check out these nails. Some of the nails are a light pink and there are two accent nails. Both accent nails are white and black but they both have different tribal designs. You can create tribal patterns like these with nail stencils that you can buy online. Try the color palette featured or choose your own.

7. Glitter and Matte Grey Coffin Nails

Next, we have a glam nail idea to show you. For this look, most of the nails have a different design. One nail is grey chrome, another is matte, the next is matte with crystals, while the last ones are silver glitter. This is a chic, elegant and sparkly look and we love it!

8. Holographic Gel Nails

Jazz up your look with nails like these! This manicure features amazing silver holographic nails. You can check out the products used on the artist’s page featured below, but a color changing gel was used with holographic powder over the top. This is a super cool look that would be perfect for parties, the holiday season or just the days when you to feel glam.

9. Blue and Gold Glitter Gel Nails

Our next idea is a bold blue look. Most of the nails are dark blue and there are two accent nails. One accent nail is gold glitter while the other has a funky chevron design. The chevron art is white, blue and gold. This is a stylish and vibrant look. There are tutorials online that show you how to create the chevron patterns. With practice, you can create amazing manicures like this one in any color.

10. Glam, Gold Glitter Gel Nails

Need nails for a special occasion? Then look no further, these nails could be perfect! Here we have gel nails that have been covered in stunning gold glitter. The gold glitter is super glam and will suit any special event from a party to a night out to a wedding. You can recreate this mani or try adding a silver accent nail for a cool and trendy mixed metal look.

Glam, Gold Glitter Gel Nails
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