There are so many different braided hairstyles to try. One that has become more popular recently is braids with shaved sides. Shaved hair can look so edgy and it can really make simpler braided hairstyles look more bold. To show you how to wear and style your shaved hair, we have found 43 braids with shaved sides. There are long braids, colorful braids, shaved patterns and more featured on our best styles list. So, take a look and try the shave. These styles are great for the summer as well!

1. High Bun with a Unique Shaved Pattern

First up we have this high braided bun with a shaved section underneath. The shaved area has a beautiful and unique pattern. It is such a stunning and statement making hair idea. We really like the color too! If recreating a similar shaved pattern, make sure you style your braids high otherwise you won’t see it. Try this pattern or choose your own.

2. Chunky Twists with a Shaved Section

This next hair idea is just gorgeous. Here we have long and chunky twists that are styled on the side. One side of the hair is long while the other is shaved. The short section also has two lines shaved in. This hair is both beautiful and edgy. You get the best of both wolds. Recreate this or you can try a different braid type with this style.

3. Edgy and Accessorized Braids

If you like your hair to stand out from the crowd, then this is perfect for you. This style features long and chunky box braids with a shaved side section. One braid is also accessorized with white cords. Everything about this style is trendy and edgy from the shaved side to the corded pattern. You can try a similar look or you can be bolder with the accessories. A hair color like red would look amazing too.

4. Braided Updo with Shaved Sides

Next, we have a cute low updo to show you. The hair is styled into straight back braids with a low bun at the bottom. There is also a shaved section at the side. This is a trendy and pretty style that will be perfect for the summer. Try one low bun or opt for two. You can keep it simple like this or add some accessories.

5. Red Braided Bun

Red is a gorgeous and popular hair color for women and with hair like this, we can see why! The hair is a mix of black and red color on the braids and then there is a high bun that is completely red. While the rest of the hair is shaved. It is a bold way to wear red color and the shaved hair looks so trendsetting. Recreate something similar or use a different shade of red.

6. Long Side Braids with Shaved Sides

If all the bold hair colors and intricate hairstyles are not for you, then you could try something like this. Here we have a simple and stunning look. The braids are long and are worn to one side. Where there are no braids, the hair is shaved. This is a very easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone.

7. Trendsetting Hair Idea

As with any other style, there are different shaved looks that you can try. Some have a very close shave while others are a little longer. This next hair idea is a great example of those that are longer. As you can see, we have long braids with a shaved section around the back and sides of the head. It is a trendsetting hair idea and it will look stunning on anyone. Recreate this or try the braids in a different color.

8. Purple Ponytail

If you love the bold hair colors, then you need see this next hair idea. Here we have a bright purple ponytail. The braids used here are quite chunky, have multiple purple tones and are styled high on the head. There is also a shaved section around the sides. It is a pretty and statement making look. You can try the purple ponytail or create a big purple bun.

9. Honey Twists with a Shaved Feather Pattern

You can have any pattern shaved into your hair and next we have a feather design to show you. For this look, the hair is styled into honey colored faux locs. There is also a shaved section with a feather pattern. As you can see, the feather looks amazing and unique. Recreate the whole style or try a feather design with any of the other hairstyles featured.

10. Micro Braids with Shaved Sides

We have seen chunky braids and now we have micro braids to show you. The hair is styled into a bun with super thin braids while the hair around the back and sides is shaved. It is a stylish hair idea and we love the different effect that the thin braids creates. Try a similar look or try red braids, they would look amazing.

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