Were you cursed with lack of height? Do you find it difficult to located great fashion for petites? If any of these rings true with you than help is on the way. Just because you do not have the genes to produce height does not mean that you have to live in a fashion less world. There are plenty of tips out there which you can follow that will allow you to look and feel great even if you are petite. According to an InStyle article, finding a tailor in your area will help you tremendously when it comes to buying fashion apparel. Although it may seem that the fashion industry caters to tall and slim people, this does not have to be the case. With a great tailor, that tall piece of clothing you picked out can be recreated to suit your petite needs. According to another article, wearing pinstripes and suits are great choices for petites because they look professional and give you vertical height. Just because you are short does not mean that you have to suffer in terrible fashions. There are plenty of petties out there so much so that guidelines have been created to make you look good and feel great about your height. Some additional tips include: advoiding bags that are too big. If you are short, you need to scale down on your choice of bag size. Steer clear of any suit that gives you the boxy look this will only make you appear shorter. If you are going for the longer leg look then you should try a high-belted top as well as high heels. Most of these fashion choices are not going to make you taller, but with the right selection of fashion for petites you can give the illusion of height. Some additional tips for petites include: opt for tight fitting clothing to avoid that extra bulk, wear high heels, choose between only a few color variations, don’t overused oversized accessories, opt for vertical patterns over horizontal patterns, wear v-line tops, choose high waisted pants and skirts, pick out glasses and sunglasses that are propitiate to your face, grab handbags that fit your physique, wear jackets that are the same length as your dress, and choose boots that stop at your knee.

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