It’s getting to that time of of year again – the carollers are clearing their throats, ready to start singing again for yet another festive season. It’s time for us to start planning the outfits that will steal the show this Christmas. In case you’re doing the same, here are 59 cute Christmas outfit ideas that we think you might just love:

1. Flannel Shirt + Sequin Skirt

A sequin skirt never goes out of style, and it’s definitely a closet must-have. Maybe in a more demure black if gold is a little too brave for your liking for your cute Christmas outfit ideas this year. You can mix it up with a number of different closet pieces, for a number of different looks and events too. We love this festively-themed outfit of the day, complete with tartan / plaid shirt, and those stunning red shoes too.

2. Christmas Jumper

When the weather starts to get a little colder, that can only mean one thing – it’s time for the Christmas jumper to make its annual reappearance. And why wouldn’t it? We’re getting super excited about Christmas coming, aren’t you getting excited too? What colour is your Christmas jumper? That’s the colour you could consider matching your accessories too, in this case, a fabulous red bag. Work with skinny black jeans and boots or trainers, just like you can see here, you have a fabulous and easy to wear this daytime winter outfit. You could even layer it up further with a hat and scarf, and also an overcoat. For an evening look, you could wear this sweater with the black sequin skirt we told you about before …

3. Red Shirt + Black Midi Skirt

Tailored pieces are very much in-style right now, and tailored shirts are definitely in. We love this bright pop of colour, a great way to wear a bright shade without it taking over your look entirely. It’s a classic for the cute Christmas outfit ideas. We also love this great-shaped A-line skirt, very flattering for all manner of body types, and easy to throw on with a shirt, a sequinned top, and even a Christmas sweater. Versatile too, you could also team this look with pretty sandals for a night out, warm winter ankle boots for a more daytime look, or those Valentino beauties, as shown by this fashion icon.

4. Cute & Simple

Layering is always a good idea when the cold weather starts to draw in. This look gives you a classic, simple, and sophisticated to rock warmth with style, all at the same time. Match your gloves to your look, and throw that bit statement necklace on over the top of your high-necked sweater, and what do you have? A wintery look that you could totally wear on Christmas day!

5. Flannel Shirt + Midi Skirt

Do you remember we suggested that tartan / plaid skirt in the first outfit we presented to you? Well, we’re bringing it back around again, giving you a way to mix and match those closet staples to get more than one outfit out of them. In this case, we’re teaming it up with a beautiful summer skirt, something you probably wouldn’t have thought about during the cold winter months. If this looks a little too chilly for your liking, strap the barely-there shoes with tights and ankle boots instead. You could even go for knee-high boots, totally making use of those ones you’ve been hoarding in the back of your closet for a while.

6. White & Red

When the weather gets cold, there are only two colours on our mind – hit and red. Well, that’s a little bit of a lie, we’re rocking most of the shades of the rainbow right now, but white and red is such a classic winter combo. We felt it needed its own little slice of limelight for our cute Christmas outfit ideas. Why not? If the dress isn’t quite your scene, you could replace them with red trousers and a fitted white shirt, or off-white if you’re not really a white person either. You could throw a thick white winter sweater on with your red pants, totally making use of the red jeans you bought in the summer.

7. Sequin Skirt

We told you that the sequin skirt would be a really bit deal for this season, and when we’re talking about cute Christmas outfit ideas, we can’t come back to it enough. There’s something truly fairytale-beauty-like about this pink and sparkly wonder, also rocking another very big trend for right now – rose gold. It doesn’t really matter what colour your sequin skirt is, or what style for that matter, we’d like to bet money in the fact that it will go perfectly with any number of black tops you own in your wardrobe. When you throw a blazer over it, with a neckline-skimming necklace if you’re feeling particularly blingy, you’ll have an outfit for Christmas that anyone would be proud of. Try it – you’ll see.

8. Red Sweater + Tartan Scarf

Tartan and plaid prints come back in fashion every time the weather gets a little chilly, so it comes as no great surprise that the tartan scarf and red sweater combo would be a big one this year. This is especially the case when you consider that we’ve already discussed the big red trend too. Although you might not immediately think of adding mustard-yellow accessories to this colourful, festively-themed look, it’s a great combo, especially when you add a similarly coloured pair of boots to the mix. And if you don’t have boots, opt for little ballerina shoes and socks … Because you don’t want your toes to get cold!

9. Gold Midi Skirt

Christmas is the perfect occasion to rock out your very best skirts, and when your skirts are as beautiful as this gold midi skirt, you should be looking for any excuse to wear them. Once again, it’s the classic additions that make the look as beautiful as it is – that simple black top, for example, and contrasting (and simple) black shoes. The big necklace works brilliantly with the high neckline, and you could also sub that black, long-sleeved shirt with a thicker knitted sweater when it gets really chilly. Remember the black blazer that we discussed earlier on too? You could totally throw that on. All of the looks that you’ll see here are really very versatile. Don’t you love it when that happens?

10. Suit it up!

There’s something about wearing a man’s clothes that instantly makes you feel super sassy, don’t you think? Don’t worry, we’re not saying that you should rock his suit to that big event tonight, but if it fits, and it looks great, why not? Tailored clothing is very much a big deal right now, especially with brands such as Victoria Beckham keeping the sharp, tailored looks on the catwalk. It serves two purposes – it keeps you super warm, especially with luxurious velvet materials.

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