Awareness, Start Up, Retail Experience, Heritage Keeper, Innovator, Social, Charisma, Online Shopping, Specialist, Investment Funds, Culture and Unconventional Places. The Plus 100 special focuses on the twelve categories we have selected, coming up with a list of one-hundred professionals chosen for the expertise, knowledge, skills, vision, and intuition they have brought to the industry in order to make it ever richer and more competitive. Thanks to the work of a team of experts, made up of journalists specialized in the worldwide luxury segment, we have created the first “community” in the jewelry industry, with a focus on people from small and large organizations, from institutions to academia, on a global scale. From the United States to Japan, from Canada to South Africa, from Paris to Rome, Milan, London and Geneva, learning about the positive aspects of each segment.

Curated by:
Preeta Agarwal - David Brough - Anthony De Marco - Federica Frosini - Antonella Reina - Barbara Rodeschini - Lorenza Scalisi

Tags Plus
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