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Tarot card reading to find out what destiny has in store for us is a practice that may lead to addiction. And this is well known to Maria Grazia Chiuri, who has dedicated the latest Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 collection to the mystical world of prophecies revealed by tarot cards. A tribute to a passion cultivated by Monsieur Dior, who became interested in divinatory arts during the Second World War and continued to have tarot cards read in the following years. «In times of uncertainty, believing in the existence of something supernatural, that is beyond our control, and that we may know the future by appealing to certain forces, gives us confidence», said the fashion designer who, after getting acquainted with the subject, had the cards read for months. This practice is more fascinating and appealing today than ever before thanks to its magical and symbolic force, its aspiration for a better future and positive change. Because every time we try to look beyond the present moment, somehow we find ourselves in front of a new starting point.

The High Priestess, The Fool, The Death, The Justice and The Hanged Man are the cards chosen for the illustrations created by Aire.
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