There is a recurring theme that links the various segments of the supply chain, protagonists, as always, of the scene here at Vicenzaoro, organized by Italian Exhibition Group: training, which goes hand in hand with scouting for new ideas able to make the industry evolve. Training dedicated to the new generations of workers, whether master goldsmiths or fine watchmakers, or in the field of high-tech applied to engineering machinery and devices for producing jewelry. Three areas well represented at the show, respectively by the over 800 exhibiting companies, from the VO Vintage area dedicated to the cultivators of yesteryear items, and from T.Gold, the show specifically for technology, organized by by IEG in collaboration with AFEMO. A focus that the newly-elected President of Federorafi, Claudia Piaserico, brought to attention during the talk organized by Assogemme and IGI Italian Gemological Institute, when she spoke of the need to re-ignite in the young the passion for a profession that has lost its true beauty, which lies in being able to express a level of creative freedom that few other professions allow, especially due to the quality that Made in Italy jewelry companies are able to express. «The main problems that our entrepreneurs are coming up against is not being able to find the right human capital in which to invest: training a young person to have the suitable skills means securing a chance for development and greater growth.»

In the setting of VO Vintage, on the other hand, master watchmakers Giulio Papi, Luca Soprana and Vincent Calabrese, also co-founder of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants, told their stories, giving career suggestions and revealing the secrets of the work and the experience they have accumulated over the years. Three of the biggest names among the Italians who have left a mark on international watchmaking, have personally experienced the historical evolutions of the watch world during their long and admirable careers: overcoming the quartz phase, the world of “complicated” and “extremely complicated”, the introduction of the computer in designing contemporary timepieces, the necessary human skills that can never be replaced by “bot”. A mention was also made about the watchmaking schools they attended, the totally personal ability to hand their passion down from generation to generation, the teachers and masters they met in the space of more than 40 years of haute horlogerie history. Different generations, experiences and stories with one mutual passion: to spread the knowledge of the mechanical principles and final touches of watches of every era.

Lastly, as part of the program dedicated to T.Gold, Maurizio Costabeber, Chief Technology Officer at DWS, a company leader in the production of nanoceramic materials and 3D printers, explained the potential of 4.0 jewelry for the jewelry and fashion sector. The conference entitled "Fashion Generation X. Translucent anti-scratch materials and synthetic stones for directly produced objects and semi-finished goods for the fashion and jewelry world” demonstrated how the translucent anti-scratch and synthetic stone technology, IRIX V, for example, can be produced, a nanoceramic material particularly suitable for replicating faceted stones and translucid ornaments with no geometric limits of shape so that semi-finished or finished items can be integrated in design creations, offering new and endless possibilities to artisans and designers.
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