A Degree and Master in history of art, a Minor in history and then a second Master in Fashion Design obtained in New York, followed by years of working in graphic advertising for an agency in California. As well as a husband and 3 children. What more is there to say, Laura Helena Aureli has never stopped for a minute and she has a lot to say about herself and her world. The world of art, from every possible aspect. An artist herself, a few years ago, she opened the exhibition area of Mydaybyday Gallery, in via Luca della Robbia 76, in the Testaccio area in Rome, where the main theme is contemporary jewelry. But that was still not enough. As a gallery manager and artist, Laura knows very well the limits of both these professions: on the one hand the desire to exhibit as many new things as possible and, on the other, the difficulty of making a name for yourself on an international level in crowded scenario, full of all kinds of different proposals. And so, what else can be done? Something innovative that was still to be invented, like, for example, an “online jewelry art incubator”. She decided to create Lost In Jewellery Magazine, lostinjewellerymagazine.com, a virtual gallery with month by month newsletters that offers and highlights an artist and his or her works,the focus to be on one artist per month. Yes, just one name a month to promote creativty in a new, different, powerful manner, thanks to a highly striking visual and emotional new editorial format. «I wanted to create and share a new jewelry magazine format with my public that I could edit entirely by myself. An incubator for artistic jewelry, colorful and easy to read, with a focus on one artist every month. In short, a digital, visually attractive space that everyone could access », says Laura, underlining the main aim of her latest project. «The aim is to “shout” and spread the “voice” of contemporary jewelry design in order to reach different segments of the public and to cross “borders” in general. The more diverse and non-specialized the public segments we reach, the more jewelry design will be recognized on a global scale, thus improving the perception (and sales) of the artists and the galleries that exhibit their works». The first to debut on this online platform is the Estonian artist, Tanel Veenre, the “voice” for May 2020. For the entire month of May, Lost In Jewellery will be proposing an exhibition of his best jewelry production and latest ideas, which Tanel introduces as follows: «My latest jewelry works, in shades of pink, red and white, are mostly in reconstructed, sculptured stone, while my first jewelry series is in wood and organic materials, cork, orchid flowers, crab shells »

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