There is no denying that, for the World Diamond Group, Vicenzaoro is all about announcing the latest innovations. While the highlight of the January 2019 edition was the announcement of an important agreement with Forevermark – the brand launched by the De Beers group to promote excellence in hand selecting the best natural diamonds – and that of September was the debut of XDiamond, a brand specialized in lab-grown diamonds, the January 2020 show will stand out for the many innovations representing an even greater evolution for World Diamond Group. The collection from Golay, the latest acquisition, made its debut in the stand during these days of the show. The brand, from the historic Golay Buchel Italia company, a name with more than 100 years of history in producing cultivated pearls, was purchased six months ago. The family of the Vicenza-based World Diamond Group has also expanded to include two “affiliates” of Golay, Mikiko and Nihama. One of these new players boasts Golay’s know-how in cultivated pearls while the other will be a good complement to XDiamond and the laboratory diamonds. Like a “joint venture” meant to create new collections aimed at a specific target market. Young, curious and focused on the latest trends as well as sustainability.
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