Vicenzaoro and T.Gold, January 2020 editions. The turnout and the innovative, cultural proposal are growingin the two salons of the jewelry Agenda of IEG Italian Exhibition Group.Interconnections with the world market, strategic cultural contents, creativity, innovation, training, design, territory: 1,500 total exhibitors, over 35 thousand presences (never so high in the last 10 years) and over 40 events with the top management goldsmith institutions and the most recognized global brands.

This is the snapshot of VOJ - Vicenzaoro January 2020 "The Jewelery Boutique Show®" and T.GOLD, an international event dedicated to goldsmith machinery and technologies for gold and jewels taken on the final day of the two events. Together with VOJ and T.GOLD the debut of VO Vintage, the new exclusive watch and jewelery marketplace of the time, welcomed by strong consensus from the traditional public and the community of enthusiasts and collectors.

Organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group, Vicenzaoro and T.Gold have been recognized by the world jewelrysector in their centrality in terms of business and overall promotional attractiveness: novelties and trends in the style of top creations brand but also in terms of technology, commercial and distribution services, digitalization.The increase in presences confirms the positive trend of foreign incoming which weighs 60% of the total visits from over 126 foreign countries. The figure for Italy is positive and returns to shine with + 12%.

In detail, the United States leads the ranking of foreign countries most represented by operators with an extraordinary + 30% compared to 2019. Japan (+ 22%) confirms the growing interest of strategic markets for Made in Italy production, as well as the nearby Middle East (+ 6% overall).

The Asia and Far East areas show + 4% overall. The macro-region of Africa stands at + 7%. Russia is also growing again with + 6%.

Visits from Europe, which is worth about 50% of the foreign presence in Vicenzaoro, mark + 9% on the double-digit increase in 2019, with attendance on the increase in particular from German-speaking countries.

Vicenzaoro, despite the turbulence of the markets, confirms its attractiveness for the operators of the world, and a strategic relevance thanks to the ability to offer operators all the technological and design innovations in the sector, the connection with the entire supply chain, as well as inspirations and tools to develop the business.
The partnership with ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies / Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the "Prima" project, supported by Confindustria Federorafi, Confartigianato, Confimi Goldsmith and silversmith industry and CNA, has contributed enormously to the success of the event. Agenzia ICE also promoted specific activities on the US market resulting from 120 B2B meetings held in Vicenzaoro between very large buyers of the American GDO and Italian companies and the presence of start-ups with the StartUp & Carats project.
The collaboration with Federpreziosi Confcommercio, AFEMO - Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Goldsmith Machinery), Assocoral - Association of Coral, Cameos and Jewels Manufacturers of Torre del Greco, and IGI - Italian Gemological Institute led to the creation of Digital Talks, Gem Talks and other fundamental meetings to bring the world of professional training closer to that of industry.
Priority themes for IEG were sustainability, creativity and innovation, which opened the calendar of events with the focus VISIO.NEXT "The Future of Jewelry", which took place thanks to the collaboration with the Club degli Orafi Italia, in the presence of Confindustria Moda and brands such as Bulgari, De Beers, Vhernier. The conference of CJBIO - the World Jewelry Confederation then deepened the ability of SMEs to introduce sustainable processes and procedures.

The role of the territory in the satisfaction of international buyers is central: the welcome that the city of Vicenza paid to guests with VIOFF "The Golden Factor", Vicenza Oro Fuori Fiera, an event created by the Municipality of Vicenza with IEG and with the involvement of the categories Economics has obtained a choral approval and kept high the value of the heritage of beauties and knowledge of our Italy, in addition to connecting students with companies in the sector in training meetings and educational and professional orientation.

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