According to the Forbes 2019 ranking, the richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos, patron of Amazon, with a patrimony of 131 billion dollars. But the deus ex machina of that "virtual store" which has radically changed our way of shopping, is unaware that, in the early 1300s, in the faraway empire of Mali, the country’s sovereign, Mansa Musa possessed a decidedly greater wealth in gold, now worth 400 billion dollars. A value that no star of the digital economy has ever reached but which, unfortunately, was not conducive to the wellbeing of his land or the bordering countries. The reason for these opening words? In this first issue of 2020, we are celebrating lost riches, such as the closure of the Argyle mine in Australia forecast for the end of the year, and future fortunes, dedicating space to the Africa of tomorrow and its generation of "hungry dreamers" so that they can finally earn international recognition for fine Made in Africa jewelry. We are also paying tribute to Elsa Peretti, a person who has created wealth by placing the sophistication of her own talent at the service of Tiffany & Co., a brand that has made history. Lastly, there are numerous voices that speak further of sustainability and many numbers that have grown to double figures in reference to the Resale market. With Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal, which have innovated with a new way of buying pre-owned, giving voice to their respective sustainable inclinations.
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