Valentine’s Day is a chance for couples to celebrate. For some couples the day is extra special, as many choose the holiday of love to announce they are expecting a baby. If you are thinking about sharing your news this Valentine’s, then you need to check out our 21 pregnancy announcement ideas. There is something for every couple from photo shoots to scan picture ideas.

1. Sweetheart Style Candy and Scan Photo

Around Valentine’s Day you may see little sweetheart candy in stores. The candy features little messages on such as true love. Our first idea features sweetheart style candy that been personalized with the due date. The candy is in a bowl next to the scan picture. This is a sweet way to share your exciting news, it will also be a cute picture to look back on in years to come.

2. Cute Valentine’s Photo Shoot

You could put together a Valentine’s photo shoot to create your announcement. This cute photo features the mom-to-be holding a chalkboard that reads “we’re so excited to say that our little Valentine is on the way” with the due date. The dad-to-be is jumping in the air. A photo like this is fun and will get all your family and friends excited about the new arrival.

3. Made with Love Suit and Scan Photo

Many couples share their baby scan pictures. This next announcement idea shows how you can create a cute Valentine’s photo with your scan. The baby scan has been placed with a baby suit that says made with love on the front and both are surrounded by hearts. A baby suit like this is perfect for a Valentine’s announcement.

4. Baby Balloon

Our next idea shows how you can subtly add a Valentine’s theme to your announcement. This couple are stood in front of a silver baby balloon and the mom-to-be has pink and red heart balloons. The balloons give the photo are Valentine’s vibe without being too over the top.

5. Love Heart Cookie Cutter Picture

Do you love to cook and bake? Then this next idea is for you! This photo features three heart shaped cookie cutters with a smaller cookie cutter inside one of the others. The area around has heart shaped cookies and Valentine’s sprinkles. This is such a cute and creative way to show you are expecting a new addition to your family.

6. Valentine’s Poem and Scan Photo

Roses are red, Violets are blue is a classic Valentine’s poem. This next couple announced their pregnancy with their own version of the poem. There is a board that reads “Roses are Red, Violets are blue, we’re expecting baby number 2”. The poem has a heart garland around it as well as the scan photo. We love this unique idea!

7. Sibling Announcement

If you already have a child, you can get them involved with the announcement of the new baby. This couple created a cute photo with their oldest child and the scan photo of the baby with a Valentine’s theme. Family and friends will love this announcement and it will be great to look back on in years to come.

8. Heart Balloons and Chalkboard

Liked the chalkboard idea from earlier in the post? Then you may like our next idea to. In this photo the mom-to-be is holding a chalkboard with “love is in the air and we have some big news to share” written on it with the due date. Dad is holding some red heart balloons. This is a simple but adorable way to share your baby news this Valentine’s Day.

9. Baby Scan Love Heart

Next, we have a lovely scan photo idea. This couple created a love heart shape with their baby’s scan photos. In the middle of the heart there is a cute baby suit. You could recreate this with your scan photos and you could put any suit in the middle. We love this unique idea!

10. Cute Dog and Balloons Announcement

Pets are part of the family. Next, we have an announcement idea that features the family dog. The dog is sat with a board that reads “I’m getting a sister” with the scan photo and pink balloons. Not only is this a cute announcement but your family and friends can also learn the gender of the baby to.

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