Remember this past August when all those pics of Michael Phelps's cupping bruises were all over the Internet? Well, it looks like Lea Michele has finally got around to giving the treatment a try. And of course, like many, many other celebs before her, she documented the aftermath of the session.

She gave us the scoop by posting a short video of herself in a bathroom post-therapy and a snap of her back with the familiar circular bruise marks. "So today I did cupping for the first time, and now I have these," she said in her video.

Not familiar with cupping? This treatment is often available at spas, but is absolutely nothing new and has been around for thousands of years.

Some of the benefits of this treatment reportedly include pain relief and relaxation, and it's even used as a treatment for colds.

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Alright, LM... Now we need a follow-up snap telling us exactly what you thought of it and how you felt afterwards.

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