Is your workout routine taking a vacation? Whether you're stuck at the office, stuck in the airport, or enjoying a much-needed break, there are ways to kickstart your workout in 2011, with or without the gym. Laurie Cole, a spin instructor at SoulCycle in New York City—whose clients include fit celebrities like Brooke Shields, Kelly Ripa and Kyra Sedgwick (pictured)—tells us how. See her tips after the jump!

IF YOU CAN'T HIT THE GYM"Take a walk and use what is available outside, like benches and steps for lunges and interval training," Cole says. "Otherwise, an exercise video or game, like the Wii Fit, is much better than doing nothing at all! (I love Jane Fonda's new workout DVDs.) A good rule of thumb is that if you sweat out the toxins, your body will function more efficiently and you will feel better."

SET ATTAINABLE GOALS"It's important to understand that making a New Year's resolution is not a mad-dash to the finish line," Cole tells us. "It's an evolution that becomes rooted in a routine. Make some small tangible goals—like making a spin class once a week!—and eventually over time, it becomes a practice that can be a joyous. And maybe most importantly, don't beat yourself up over not having the perfect diet for these few short holiday weeks. With an exercise plan, you can treat yourself guilt-free."

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