This outdoors haven is explicitly designed to soothe mind, body and spirit, and take a wholly holistic approach to wellbeing. Luckily, you won’t have to be asking for a room with a view when you reserve. On a grassy opening in the Graubünden mountains, conceptual hotelier Null Stern has opened a hotel without a roof, walls, or even an official bathroom. Directly under the cosmic expanse of Swiss sky, the luxury boutique hotel, in collaboration with hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier, has completely redefined upscale camping — say hello to glamping 2.0!

This one-of-a-kind, sleep-under-the-stars experience is literally just comprised of a large double bed, two nightstands, and one lamp. The ultimate relaxation space plunges the guest into an all-around immersive experience surrounded by amazing greenery and Swiss mountain views.

Zero Star Hotel Alps 1

A club of personal butlers wearing white gloves and bow ties remain at guests’ disposal for room service to ensure that everyone feels like royalty. If nature calls, guests will just have to use the nature around them, but for those who do fancy a bit more indulgence (amen), visitors can trek the path to find a public toilet and washroom 10 minutes away.

Brothers and co-founders Frank and Patrik Riklin say they employ local farmers who agree to sign up and work as butlers for the project. Don’t worry about jumping into a grimy bed — when it’s not being used, it’s covered with an agricultural protection sheet. Bare necessities such as mattresses and blankets are stored in a small shed near the bed.

This take on unique, eco-friendly hotel lodging was crafted in 2008 with the inception of a nuclear bunker in the town of Sevelen, St. Gallen within Switzerland. Literally translated to "zero stars” in Swiss, the name Null Stern strives to brand its identity as "zero real estate” with the tagline "Null Stern — the only star is you.”

The innovative concept enthralled the public by shaking the traditional definition of hotel prestige. By stripping down the notion of luxury, they placed the guest at the center of the hospitality experience — and created the most Instagram-worthy backdrop ever.

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Frank and Patrik Riklin initially fashioned the minimalist, open-air hotel room for the Art Safiental land art festival, but then customized it into the second reincarnation once the concept was ready to be developed on a grander scale. At that point, they literally pushed for the stars by materializing from the underground to the picturesque Alps.

The partners hope to implement this new version of the concept across different regions of Switzerland. The original beds that were in the nuclear bunker will be redeployed outside, making Switzerland the first country to become a literal living hotel. The objective is to develop a simplistic hotel room while showcasing the natural splendor of Swiss landscapes.

Zero Star Hotel Alps 2

According to the conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin, "the landscape of Switzerland is the imaginary building of the new Null Stern Hotel version." This proprietary evolution is said to redefine the concept of resources and the notion of ownership.

"Even though this version is radically different from the first one in the nuclear bunker, the essence and the spirit of the concept remains the same — to put the guest at the center of the experience and to focus on the intangible by reducing everything else to the minimum,” says cofounder Charbonnier.

Null Stern’s Swiss Alps room is now available to the public from spring through autumn. However, be warned that reservations can be cancelled last minute due to inclement weather. Contrary to the former nuclear bunker experience, this new version under the stars is 10 times more expensive at around $255 per night.

If a weekend mountain retreat infused with complete tranquility sounds like your slice of bliss, treat yourself to a much needed respite from your overflowing inbox. By the time you’re gazing at the snow-capped mountains on the other side of the valley, you’ll be feeling rejuvenated, invigorated, and refreshingly recharged in no time.

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