We've all been there—getting the job of our dreams after a long search. And we all know the overwhelming feeling of joy when you see that email from HR informing you of the good news. Well, for Benita Abraham that happy feeling compared to getting engaged so she did what every woman would in this case—organized a photo shoot engagement-style (I said Yes sign included).

Abraham uploaded the photos on Facebook and captioned the album: "So excited to share my happy news with my FB family! I finally found my soulmate, my perfect match, my boo. After 7 long months, I found the perfect job with a company that truly cares about its employees and one I will learn so much from." And then came an array of funny hashtags "#employed #myboo #loveatfirstinterview #LTR #careergrowth #perfectmatch #photoshoot #notjustforbabiesmarriagesandbirthdays #workin9to5"

Job Offer 2
Job Offer 1
Job Offer 4
Job Offer 3

And yes, Abraham's big day was on Monday and she told ABC News: "It was amazing! I learned so much, and it was just a half day."

Congratulations to Benita and we wish her many years of marriage-like bliss at her new job.

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