Tina Fey thanked two of the most important people in her life last night—her makeup artists! As she honored her 30 Rock behind-the-scenes magicians Jenn Jorge Nelson and Julie Teel at an event hosted by the New York Women in Film and Television, Fey touched on the four specific skills needed to be a great makeup artist: "I think you need the patience of Job, you need the eyes of an artist, the hands of a surgeon, and the firm but tactful demeanor of a women's prison gynecologist," she said. "Because we're crazy and you're seeing us at our most vulnerable. Jorge and Julie, I don't envy your job because you have to try to make the actor look like what she thinks she looks like in her head, which I imagine is as dangerous as women's prison gynecology. So thank you for your service in that area.” Now that's gratitude!

Plus, see Tina's best red carpet moments.

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