When I think of Beverly Hills, I think of the origin of my favorite and least favorite health and fitness trends. But when I think of the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, I think of something brand new: a group of wellness rooms.

As I entered my hotel wellness room for the first time, something felt different. It wasn’t just the cute stack of hand weights and curled up yoga mat; the floor was wood, with beautiful bleached wide plank floors that immediately gave the room an unstuffy, crisp feel. The seven new themed rooms (including two suites equipped with Peloton bicycles), aim to optimize and elevate guests’ emotional and physical wellbeing while they stay.

In addition to the workout equipment, each room is filled with wellness technology; an air purification system, sleep therapy sound machine, and even meditation videos by Deepak Chopra. The hotel also added circadian lighting controlled by a Moodbox. It is engineered to simulate the color, temperature, and intensity of natural outdoor light, working to energize the body during the day and enhance sleep quality at night. The shower even features a dechlorinator that removes chlorine from water and rinses away your all-natural shampoo from LATHER.

The room service menu, designed by Four Seasons Executive Chef Byron Thomas, uses whole, nutrient-rich ingredients. No dish has more than 4g of saturated fat. Somehow, Thomas managed creations that are still big on flavor and quite filling. I started my dinner with avocado pistachio dumplings wrapped in pickled jicama. The array of textures and pops of pomegranate seeds were a delight. I was quite full but managed to work my way through an organic quinoa falafel salad bowl, topped with a delicious black pepper pappadum.

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The rooms, which are located on the same floor as the spa, make it easy to zip back for your robe. The "surrender" massage was created to release deep tensions on physical, emotional and mental levels—which seemed like a good idea before boarding a red-eye flight back to New York. The massage was a mix of Swedish, acupressure, and intense stretching techniques. After the muscles are warm and loose, a therapist goes through a series of stretches, not unlike the end of a personal training session. After releasing the tensions of the day, I was able to slip into a deep sleep in the air.

With rates starting at $635/night, the wellness rooms make it easier for a frequent traveler to stick to their workout routines and not go off the rails with room service.

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