They say you never forget your first time—and that applies to finally finding the *perfect* highlighter, too.

Highlighter and I have always had a tumultuous relationship. Nothing against unicorns or mermaids, but a highlighter that makes your skin look like it's permanently lit from within instead of simply sparkly is more rare than either said mythical creature.

That's why my love affair with Glossier's Haloscope Highlighter started the moment I first swiped it onto my cheekbones. The highlighter has a dewy effect that mimics the glow you get after getting on a subway car with broken AC in the summer, or you know, running into your low-key crush who watches all of your Instagram stories.

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Instead of dousing your skin in glitter, the cream formula leaves skin with a hydrated sheen which can be credited to its inner core stacked with nourishing ingredients like sweet almond, coconut, and castor seed oils. The outer halo is infused with actual crystal extracts for even more glow and overall enlightenment. I've flirted with all three shades that Glossier's Haloscope comes in, but I'm loyal to Moonstone, a duochrome color that gives off an opalescent glow and doesn't alter the shade of your blush if you're layering the highlighter over it.

Glitter-free finish aside, the best thing about Glossier's Highlighter is that it's impossible to mess up applying it. Both powder and cream highlighters can be hard to blend and leave you with a thick stripe on your cheekbones that doesn't exactly look natural. With Haloscope, I like gliding the stick in a "C" shape starting at my brow bone down to my cheekbone. After, I simply tap it in with my fingertips to get rid of the letter I've just traced onto my face. The payoff is subtle, buildable and it goes on smooth, but slightly tacky so it stays in place all day.

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If you're all about a dewy-but-not-sparkly complexion like me, consider this highlighter the missing factor from your glowing skin equation.

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