Hands up if you're working on plotting a game plan for binge-watching Orange Is the New Black. Season 3 of everyone's favorite comedy-drama hybrid set in a women's prison begins streaming tomorrow, and in an attempt to fit every single episode into our weekend plans, the marathon leaves little room for sleep, regular meals, or a shower. Luckily, Piper Chapman and her (spoiler alert: former?) BFF Polly can help with the last part. Remember back in season 1 when the duo had grand plans to launch their Popi brand of boutique soaps at Barneys? Thanks to a partnership between the show and skin care brand Chivas, Piper and Polly's soaps are making the jump from the screen to your shower.

The collection includes four different scents—cucumber mint, grapefruit basil, vanilla verbena, and lavender sage—with each one inspired by a scene in the show. Even the packaging remains in character, featuring a brief description that reads, "We are two best friends, Polly & Piper, who are passionate about crafting soaps with fun, good-for-you ingredients," printed on the back. In real life, the soaps are actually crafted by Donna and Lauren Johanson, a mother-and-daughter team who create the products using fresh goat milk from their family farm in Los Angeles, as well as shea butter and other essential oils. The two started out making small batches in the kitchen, similar to Piper and Polly, but luckily, their business won't be affected by one member heading out to Litchfield anytime soon. Shop the Popi lineup for $12 per bar over at chivasskincare.com now, or add all four to your cart for $43—to borrow a line from the lengthy intro, you've got time.

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