I have a favorite red lipstick. It’s by NARS and it goes by the name of Rita. My favorite matte is courtesy of Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys, baby. But my favorite natural lipstick? Historically speaking, for me my answer was always... nada. I didn’t think it existed.

As a rule, I’ve always found these type of lipsticks weak in the color pay-off department. And while I value a simple ingredients list and an effort to stay as green as possible, I never really found any that felt A.) comfortable and B.) lasted more than an hour on my lips. But all that changed when I discovered the Luk Beautifood’s 100 Percent Natural Lipsticks. Now if you asked me my favorite buy, I’d have to go with a gem named Rose Lime, part of the brand's Lip Nourish family.

Here’s a little background on why I was first intrigued to even try it. First, it’s 100 percent natural, which doesn’t come around very often. Sure, you have natural and organic ingredients that are touted and promoted with asterisks and call-outs in the description box, but being completely formulated with non-synthetic items isn’t common. These lipstick tubes, as the brand name suggests, are also made with superfood actives like avocado oil, ginger, and sesame seed oil. This is an apparent trend in beauty right now, as many brands are formulating their moisturizers, masks, etc. with ingredients that sound like they belong in your smoothies. Think kale and broccoli.

"On researching, I quickly understood that lipsticks are made of oils, waxes, butters, binders, colors and flavors, and that the recipe looked a lot like a chemical cocktail, not the ’skin healthy’ recipe it had the potential to be," says Cindy Luken, a food scientist and the founder of the brand. "This simple fact inspired me to create innovative makeup from food for natural outer beauty and nourishing inner health."

A lip balm-lipstick hybrid, the product is exceptionally nourishing and moisturizing thanks to the cocoa butter and beeswax, but it still does a badass job of leaving behind a noticeable pigment. Your lips will look like you swiped on a satin lipstick and then blotted to perfection, but they'll also feel smooth and comfortable.

The Lip Nourish collection consists of nine different shades at $25 each, which range from subtle nudes to pinks to deep berry reds, but the most popular hue is Tea Rose, a sheer dusty rose.

And the thoughtfulness doesn't stop at the product's formulation either. Each lipstick is packaged in a chic thin white tube which is then wrapped in a gorgeous printed cloth that you can use to clean your glasses.

Now that I have the natural lippie thing covered, I best move on to finding the perfect red-orange. That might take me a while.

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