I'm not opposed to working out in the morning (in fact, I prefer it), but while I usually do one of my go-to workouts (like running or Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body Guide), today I was invited to try something new: Bikram Yoga. I've done yoga before, but never the hot variety. Still, I'm always up for whatever, even if that means working out in a hot room at 8 a.m. when it's already 90 degrees outside.

The class started out like any other yoga class, with the teacher instructing us to get into child's pose and take a few deep breaths. But this class was anything but normal. First off, it was sponsored by Bud Light, not something one usually associates with ohm-ing. Second, the teacher had two assistants: Nick and Drew Lachey, aka one-half of the popular late '90s boy band 98 Degrees (both pictured, middle). Yep, this was going to be real interesting...

"Are you guys ready to cross 98 degrees of hot yoga off your summer bucket list?" Nick asks the class, to which we all clapped because, duh, who doesn't want to twist themselves into a pretzel while looking into the dreamy eyes of one of the Lacheys? Things got even more interesting from there—poses had been renamed, so instead of being instructed to enter eagle pose, dancer's, or tree pose, we bent ourselves into postures named "My friends have FOMO right now," "What's your favorite 98 Degrees song?" and "Who's your favorite Lachey brother?"

"We should've named our band 65 Degrees," jokes Nick, referring to the room's temperature, set to 98 degrees instead of the standard 105-degree Bikram temp. The elder Lachey is pouring sweat, and at this point, has lost his balance and fallen into the Bud Light banner behind him several times. Drew, on the other hand, seems rather unperturbed by the numerous twists and inversions, which he told me later is because he regularly practices Pilates.

Sooner than I would have liked, we are back in child's pose and the class is over. A cooler of Bud Light is rolled into the room, and both brothers crack open a bottle. "Guys, remember the more Bud Light you drink, the better 98 Degrees sounds," Nick says to the class before flashing his famous smile. While I pass on the drink (I have to go to work, after all), doing hot yoga with Nick and Drew Lachey is not a bad way to spend a Tuesday morning.

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