Lea Michele Documented Her First Cupping Experience

Remember this past August when all those pics of Michael Phelps's cupping bruises were all over the Internet? Well, it looks like Lea Michele has finally got around to giving ...

On 20 Jan,2022


11 Easy Ways That Will Improve Your Health In Just One Minute

No, you don't have to devote every minute of your life to getting healthy. Sometimes just one minute will do. All it takes to adopt new good-for-you habits is a ...

On 19 Jan,2022


How To Get Rid Of Bloating Asap, According To Docs

Everyone gets bloated from time to time. You know, that uncomfortable feeling of fullness and gas that happens after a big meal, eating a food you're particularly sensitive to,or ...

On 17 Jan,2022


Naomi Osaka Tried To Protect Her Mental Health, And The Response Is Sadly Predictable

"I never wanted to be a distraction and I accept that my timing was not ideal and my message could have been clearer. More importantly, I would never trivialize mental ...

On 14 Jan,2022


5 Prenatal Moves For Total-Body Strength, From Apple Fitness

Apple Fitness+ is on a mission to make the most inclusive fitness platform out there. Whether you've literally never hit the gym before or are a professional athlete, their 21 trainers ...

On 11 Jan,2022


Here'S How Simone Biles Is Ignoring The Haters Ahead Of The Tokyo Olympics

What's it like being the greatest of all time? To be the most decorated gymnast in history constantly perfecting mind-blowing moves so challenging that no one else has ever even ...

On 06 Jan,2022


Mirror Trainer Deja Riley Shares A 10-Minute, Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Circuit

Many people first became familiar with MIRROR from subway ads or Instagram posts from Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The "nearly invisible home gym," which lets you stream ...

On 31 Dec,2021


So, Wait, Can We Make Out In Bars Again Now?

After receiving Johnson & Johnson's one-and-done vaccine, I walked into a bar for the first time in roughly 15 months. As someone who's been single for the entirety of the pandemic, save ...

On 29 Dec,2021


Rebel Wilson Got Healthy At 40 — Now, She'S Getting Serious

Exactly 10 years ago this month, a little film called Bridesmaids debuted introducing us to a wonderful world of giant heart-shaped cookies, Wilson Phillips wedding sing-alongs, and a wacky roommate with ...

On 28 Dec,2021


A Beginner’S Guide To Meditation

If hearing, once again, that you should really take up meditation makes you think "ugh," you're not alone. But the truth is, there's a reason so many people swear by ...

On 23 Dec,2021


People Are Saying Thanks, But No Thanks To Going Mask-Free

For more than a year, masks have been considered an accessory more essential than bras. But now, we've finally been let off the hook: The CDC announced this afternoon that ...

On 21 Dec,2021


The Summer Of Social Hangovers Is Upon Us

Now that half of US adults are now fully vaccinated, we're finally able to do more socializing than distancing. And while it's pretty exciting that mingling — in groups, one-on-one, and ...

On 16 Dec,2021


I'M A Psychiatrist, And Here'S How To Know If You Are Actually Doing Fine

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May since 1949, but making note of it in 2021 hardly feels necessary. After all, for the past year and change most of us ...

On 13 Dec,2021


Everything You Need To Know About The Buzzy New "Light" Weed

I'm not high as I'm writing this — but I was last night. And it was for a purpose, I swear. For journalism. It all started a few months ago when ...

On 08 Dec,2021


I'M A Psychiatrist And Even I Kept My Mental Health Meds A Secret

"Are you sure I really need medication?" That is one of the most common questions I answer in my office as a psychiatrist and one that, quite frankly, makes a ...

On 07 Dec,2021


7 Common Types Of Depression You Might Be Dealing With

So, chances are you ended up here because you're experiencing what feels like some type of depression yourself, or someone you love is going through it and you want to ...

On 07 Dec,2021


Peloton'S Jess Sims Shares Her 5 Favorite Pre- And Post-Ride Stretches

After a long and intense sweat-inducing workout, most of us are ready to book it straight out of the gym — or away from our workout space at home. The vast ...

On 06 Dec,2021


You'Re Probably Guilty Of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

After a long day of work, followed by cooking, cleaning, or maybe even helping kids with homework or getting them ready for bed, you're exhausted, but craving "me"time to ...

On 03 Dec,2021


Here'S How To "Detox" Your Body — In A Healthy Way

Maybe you're recovering from a bachelorette party weekend, your first post-vax night out, or are getting back into an office routine and want to revamp your eating habits. As soon ...

On 30 Nov,2021


Simone Biles Is Redefining Greatness

Who gets to define greatness? That's the question I've been fixated on in the aftermath of Simone Biles' decision to withdraw from the gymnastics team final competition at the Tokyo ...

On 26 Nov,2021

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