The Summer Of Social Hangovers Is Upon Us

Now that half of US adults are now fully vaccinated, we're finally able to do more socializing than distancing. And while it's pretty exciting that mingling — in groups, one-on-one, and ...

On 16 Dec,2021


I'M A Psychiatrist, And Here'S How To Know If You Are Actually Doing Fine

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May since 1949, but making note of it in 2021 hardly feels necessary. After all, for the past year and change most of us ...

On 13 Dec,2021


Everything You Need To Know About The Buzzy New "Light" Weed

I'm not high as I'm writing this — but I was last night. And it was for a purpose, I swear. For journalism. It all started a few months ago when ...

On 08 Dec,2021


I'M A Psychiatrist And Even I Kept My Mental Health Meds A Secret

"Are you sure I really need medication?" That is one of the most common questions I answer in my office as a psychiatrist and one that, quite frankly, makes a ...

On 07 Dec,2021


7 Common Types Of Depression You Might Be Dealing With

So, chances are you ended up here because you're experiencing what feels like some type of depression yourself, or someone you love is going through it and you want to ...

On 07 Dec,2021


Peloton'S Jess Sims Shares Her 5 Favorite Pre- And Post-Ride Stretches

After a long and intense sweat-inducing workout, most of us are ready to book it straight out of the gym — or away from our workout space at home. The vast ...

On 06 Dec,2021


You'Re Probably Guilty Of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

After a long day of work, followed by cooking, cleaning, or maybe even helping kids with homework or getting them ready for bed, you're exhausted, but craving "me"time to ...

On 03 Dec,2021


Here'S How To "Detox" Your Body — In A Healthy Way

Maybe you're recovering from a bachelorette party weekend, your first post-vax night out, or are getting back into an office routine and want to revamp your eating habits. As soon ...

On 30 Nov,2021


Simone Biles Is Redefining Greatness

Who gets to define greatness? That's the question I've been fixated on in the aftermath of Simone Biles' decision to withdraw from the gymnastics team final competition at the Tokyo ...

On 26 Nov,2021


If You Want To Lucid Dream, Read This

You're running late for the biggest meeting of your career — one that you have endlessly prepared for; every moment in your life has led to this. But each time you ...

On 25 Nov,2021


Christina Applegate Reveals She Has Been Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

In a separate Tweet, the Married With Children star added a piece of advice she received from another friend with M.S. "As one of my friends that has MS ...

On 24 Nov,2021


What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation, Actually?

Whether due to staring at yourself on Zoom all day or feeling like the stress of the pandemic took a toll, you wouldn't be alone in researching a new skincare ...

On 23 Nov,2021


Goop Collaborated With Puma On Sleek Athleisure Pieces — Including The World'S Cutest Jumpsuit

By now, you know to trust goop for everything from your beauty to vaginal needs, right down scented candles. So, if you're in the market for breathable, quality athleisure, you ...

On 17 Nov,2021


From Anti- To 'Jab Me,' Here'S Why Some Vax-Hesitant People Changed Their Minds

After a few months of what seemed like the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, the ultra-contagious Delta variant came around to make us realize that the threat ...

On 15 Nov,2021


Yep, Everyone Has A Cold Right Now

While coming down with a run-of-the-mill cold would hardly be group-text worthy any other summer, it's seemingly all my friends and I can talk about lately. Just yesterday, on a ...

On 14 Nov,2021


Can I Have Sex With A Uti?

One minute, you're having seriously steamy sex — and the next, you're at the doctor's office. Having to treat any infection can take a toll on your dating and love life, ...

On 13 Nov,2021


Why Are Celebrities Smoking Toad Venom?

Move over, ayahuasca. Even though celebs like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have experienced mind-altering trips on the psychoactive Amazonian tea, there's another, more potent psychedelic that counts Mike ...

On 12 Nov,2021


I Can'T Live Without These Butt-Sculpting, Sweat-Wicking Miracle Leggings

I have high standards when it comes to leggings. I either want them to feel buttery soft for lounging — like these leggings from Lululemon which feel like wearing nothing at ...

On 11 Nov,2021


Peloton'S Ally Love On The Biggest Mistake Cycling Beginners Make

Maybe it's just me, but finding the time — and motivation — to actually work out in the summer usually feels like an impossible task. (And that's in a normal pre-Covid summer ...

On 10 Nov,2021


Here'S Why We Dream About Cheating On Our Partners

Let's set the scene: I'm somewhere deep in the throes of my subconscious just having your average nonsensical dream. I'm blissfully unaware and enjoying the random firing of my neurons ...

On 09 Nov,2021

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