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Orange Is The New Black: Here'S How You Can Actually Buy Piper And Polly'S Soaps

Hands up if you're working on plotting a game plan for binge-watching Orange Is the New Black. Season 3 of everyone's favorite comedy-drama hybrid set in a women's prison begins streaming ...

On 28 Mar,2022


We Found An Acne Treatment You’Ll Actually Want To Use

Although I’m well into my 20s, I still struggle with acne pretty much every day. I’ve tried facials, prescriptions, and all kinds of cleansers but they usually dry ...

On 10 Aug,2022


Lazy Girls Rejoice: Spray-On Nail Polish Actually Exists

Who knew you could channel your inner Banksy mid-manicure? The tiny aerosol bottles lining nail polish shelves in recent weeks may look like your traditional can of spray paint, but ...

On 05 Aug,2022


You Can Actually Work Out On The Couch With Khloé Kardashian'S Go-To Fitness Gadget

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to leave the couch to get your cardio in? Well, Khloé Kardashian has the perfect solution! In a post on her ...

On 05 Aug,2022


Is The Dental Floss You'Re Using Actually Bad For You?

We think of flossing as a healthy habit—but according to a new study, a certain type of floss contains harmful chemicals that may be leaching into our bodies. Women ...

On 26 Jul,2022


Can These 6 Calming Beauty Products Actually Help You Calm Down?

I can't stop reading the news. Scrolling through my Twitter feed is the first thing I do every morning, I robotically check for updates on the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the ...

On 23 Jul,2022


The Space Suit Designed To Take People To The Moon In 2018 Is Actually Chic

In case you didn’t know, people are planning to go to the moon! Elon Musk, billionaire tech innovator and ex-boyfriend to Amber Heard, announced in February that his space ...

On 16 Jul,2022


The Best No-Makeup Makeup Look Actually Requires 7 Steps

. "In other words, it's makeup that looks casual and feels casual to apply, but helps you feel pulled together." Here, Sotomayor guides us on how to nail the no-makeup makeup ...

On 12 Jul,2022


8 Ways To Exercise Without Actually Hitting The Gym

Below is an excerpt from "8 Ways to Exercise Without Actually Hitting the Gym" which originally appeared on PureWow. Read the full story at purewow.com. You're busy. It's cold outside. ...

On 08 Jul,2022


A Waffle Recipe That'S Actually Healthy

Most of us can agree that indulging in a fat stack of waffles on a Sunday morning is a simple luxury. But wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’...

On 27 Jun,2022


This Is The One Thing Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About, New Study Finds

While the main purpose of weddings is to celebrate a couple's nuptials, it is also often planned with the guests in mind. And that doesn't come cheap. We spend tens ...

On 21 Jun,2022


Have You Actually Eaten Pizza If You Don’T Eat The Crust? Sound Off In Our Poll Sparked By Patrick Stewart'S Twitter Debate

There’s a pizza out there for everyone. Whether you’re a classic pepperoni-and-cheese slicer or an artisanal veggie lover, it’s easy to make a pie that fits your ...

On 18 Jun,2022


Can The "Rosacea Diet" Actually Clear Your Skin?

Having an irritated, tender, pimply face as an adult can be incredibly frustrating. Many people wonder: Isn't this stuff supposed to stop when you finish puberty?! Well, as anyone with ...

On 15 Jun,2022


This Mary Kay Lipstick Actually Wants To Change Lives

Mary Kay has long championed the rights and health of women everywhere, but helping those who are victims of abuse is a particular labor of love for the beauty brand. ...

On 20 May,2022


Do Natural Toothpastes Actually Work?

There are two types of people—those who would rather have their tube of Aquafresh pried out of their tenacious grip, and those who swear by the natural toothpaste category. ...

On 16 May,2022


We Can Actually Stick To Taking These Sprayable Vitamins

Even back in the pre-gummi days when our parents would make us pop a Flintstone tablet, we weren't exactly the best at taking our vitamins. We'd complain of the chalky ...

On 07 May,2022


Does This Sports Bra Actually Help You Cool Down Faster?

Until very recently (and I'm talking within the last two months) running was not my preferred method of exercising. My boyfriend and I try to go a few times a ...

On 15 Apr,2022

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