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Desktop Goods|HomePod mini solid 3D tripod

The triangular desktop stand made by an accessory brand for HomePod mini looks great!   It’s so simple yet an ingenious way to up the overall aesthetic of the homepod ...

On 18 Jan,2022


This Apple Custard Cake Recipe Will Become Your New Secret Weapon

With this iconic fall recipe, famed baker Sarabeth Levine, of New York's fleet of Sarabeth's restaurants and author of the new Sarabeth's Good Morning Cookbook ($22; amazon.com), promises the sweet-tart ...

On 20 Aug,2022


I Tried Apple Fitness For A Month — And Finally Became An At-Home Workout Person

, a former Jane Fonda instructor in her sixties who's all about 'strength at any age' and , a former college football player who lost his leg below the knee after a ...

On 01 Mar,2022


5 Prenatal Moves For Total-Body Strength, From Apple Fitness

Apple Fitness+ is on a mission to make the most inclusive fitness platform out there. Whether you've literally never hit the gym before or are a professional athlete, their 21 trainers ...

On 11 Jan,2022

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