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You Need To See The Back Of Peyton List'S Topknot

This summer has been all about heatwaves and unimaginable humidity. We've basically given up on ever wearing our hair down, considering that "back of the neck hair sweat" is not ...

On 28 Mar,2022


How To Bounce Back From A Self-Tanning Mishap

As the cliché saying goes, zebras can't change their stripes, but on the occasion that an orange self-tanner is the culprit of said stripes, there are a few solutions. A ...

On 19 Mar,2022


Miranda Lambert Is Headed Back On Tour! Find Out If She’Ll Play In A City Near You

VIDEO: Blake Shelton's Got a New Nashville Home See the full list of tour stops on mirandalambert.com to see if she’s playing in a city near you.

On 04 Jul,2022


Mac To Bring Back Discontinued Products

If you're mourning the loss of your favorite MAC lipstick, you're in luck—starting today, you can vote for the discontinued products you want to see back in stores. Head ...

On 26 Jun,2022


Why You Get That Post-Juice Cleanse Glow, And How To Keep It After You'Ve Switched Back To Real Food

If you've ever embarked on the epic journey that is a juice cleanse, you know that all your discipline was so worth it by the end of day three, when ...

On 10 Jun,2022


T. Swift Is Bringing Back Her Classic Look—And We Are Here For It

If there's a beauty look that Taylor Swift has nailed, it's the red lip. I mean, she even sang about it—a couple times! No, I'm not going to rehash ...

On 31 May,2022


The Latest Pop-Up At L.A.'S The Grove Gives Back To The Lgbtq Community

If you know anything about L.A.'s popular shopping destination The Grove, it's that there's usually some sort of pop-up shop going on. Top brands including Ray-Ban, Honest Beauty, ...

On 21 May,2022


Sephora Put Their Website In The Way Back Time Machine

In a world where the science of beauty grows leaps and bounds every single day, we often forget where we came from, say, back in the nineties when the Internet ...

On 19 Apr,2022


The Battle With Bacne: How To Treat And Cover Breakouts On Your Back

Bacne, or acne breakouts on your back, is a very common issue, but perhaps due to their less-than-glamorous appearance and the fact that no one really wants to admit they ...

On 25 Mar,2022


The Comeback King: Yellow Gold Is Back In Vogue

It’s warm, bold and definitely gold. And many brides are opting for yellow gold when it comes to selecting the hue of their wedding bands. There has long been ...

On 15 Dec,2021


Puerto Rico Is Ready For Tourists To Come Back

In September 2017, Puerto Rico suffered devastating damage when category five Hurricane Maria barreled onto its shores. Rebuilding efforts have been nonstop in the 14 months since — and this past weekend, the ...

On 30 Oct,2021


23 Cool Back Tattoos & Ideas For Women

Thinking about a new back tattoo? Then you are in the right place. We have found 23 of the best back tattoos for women. The back has become one of the ...

On 10 Mar,2022

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