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Wedding Etiquette: How To Say 'No' To Being In The Bridal Party

When it comes to weddings, we tend to glorify things like being asked to be someone's bridesmaid, or groomsman, for that matter. It's almost as if that's the biggest honor ...

On 29 Jul,2022


This Summer'S Makeup Is All About Being Subtly Extra

told a group of journalists backstage. "Some girls just have two pearls, some have four, some have the whole eye, some have the under-eye - it's my take on the ...

On 18 Jul,2022


Woody Harrelson On Veganism, Being A Dad, And Smoking Pot With Willie Nelson

LB: Is that how you ended up in Maui? WH: Yes. During that first meeting he invited me to stay at his place even if he wasn’t there, which ...

On 14 Jul,2022


Famed Chef Gives The Obamas A Shout-Out For Being The Best Customers

In case we needed any more proof, famed chef Alan Wong has basically confirmed what we knew all along: the Obama family is perfect. President Obama's final term is up ...

On 31 Dec,2021

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