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The Highlighter Instyle'S Beauty Writer Swears By

They say you never forget your first time—and that applies to finally finding the *perfect* highlighter, too. Highlighter and I have always had a tumultuous relationship. Nothing against unicorns ...

On 27 Mar,2022


The Super Luxe Hand Sanitizer Instyle'S Digital Beauty Editor Swears By

After seeing several of my friends out of commission and chained to their couches for weeks at a time due to this year's horrific flu, I'm slightly paranoid about germs. ...

On 19 Nov,2022


Sephora To Stock Special Line Inspired By 2013'S Color Of The Year, Emerald

It's easy being green thanks to Sephora and Pantone's latest collaboration. Following the success of last year's Tangerine Tango Color of the Year capsule line, the beauty mega-store is rolling ...

On 12 Nov,2022


Why Jane Krawkowski Swears By Self-Tanner

Just because you know her as the curly-haired, fair funny girl from 30 Rock, doesn't mean Jane Krakowski doesn't appreciate a healthy glow. In fact, the star revealed to us this ...

On 09 Nov,2022


The Best Travel-Size Beauty Products That Won'T Get Swiped By The Tsa

Last-minute weekend getaways are one of our favorite parts of summer, but getting those luxury products confiscated by the TSA? That's another story. If you're the type to travel with ...

On 25 Oct,2022


Get The First Look At Miss Piggy’S (Possible) Wedding Dress By Vivienne Westwood

Here comes the bride! That's right, Miss Piggy—if all goes according to plan with the groom of course— could be heading down the aisle towards her longtime love, Kermit ...

On 24 Oct,2022


The Liquid Matte Lipstick Instyle'S Beauty Writer Swears By

There are few beauty products more polarizing than liquid matte lipstick. In one corner, there's a set of diehard afficiados who've swapped their traditional lipsticks for liquid mattes and have ...

On 06 Oct,2022


Colourpop Now Has Eyeshadow Palettes Inspired By The Zodiac Signs

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not wear wear a smoky eye inspired by your zodiac sign? Given the world's craze with all things astrology, ...

On 30 Sep,2022


The Foundation Instyle'S Beauty Writer Swears By

Whenever I told friends, family, and my beauty department coworkers that I had bad hormonal acne, no one believed me and I owe it all to Anastasia Beverly Hills's Stick ...

On 24 Sep,2022


Read An Excerpt Of The New Generation Breast Cancer Book By Elisa Port, M.D.

The last feeling you have when you’re told that you—or someone you love—has breast cancer? Lucky. And though it feels like it’s so common—one in ...

On 23 Sep,2022


Try This Mid-Pregnancy Workout Inspired By Beyoncé And Amal Clooney

Working out during pregnancy (with your doctor’s okay!) can have a number of health benefits, from decreased risk of gestational diabetes to less lower back pain. If you want ...

On 07 Sep,2022


14 Million People Swear By This Lengthening Mascara

You've probably seen Younique's Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara on Facebook. The multi-step, lash-lengthening mascara is one of Younique's best-selling products, and a major reason that the brand has quickly ...

On 06 Sep,2022


The Makeup Wipes Instyle'S Beauty Writer Swears By

I think of makeup wipes as the damage control of beauty products. On nights when you have an unexpected sleepover, a wipe will prevent the breakout you might get from ...

On 24 Aug,2022


Food Tastes Better When Accompanied By A Cloth Napkin

Chic, eco-friendly, and budget conscious are not three words you usually see together, but these NPG (Non-Perishable Goods) napkins can only be described as such. It's just a fact; food ...

On 24 Aug,2022


This Anti-Aging Serum Made By A Nobel-Prize Winning Chemist Doesn'T Give Me The Retinol Uglies

Over a year into working from home and most of my social life taking place online, I'll take whatever little luxuries I can get. Picking up a $6 oat milk latte ...

On 18 Aug,2022


I Tried It: Cupping, The Ancient Healing Therapy That'S Taking The Olympics By Storm

"Kim, I saw you at the gym this morning—have you been (long pause…) cupping?" Exclaimed my Fashion News Director Eric Wilson, who was witness to the red and purple ...

On 16 Aug,2022


There'S Now A Saved By The Bell Restaurant

We're so excited! We're so excited! If you've been missing Zack, Kelly, and Screech ever since 1993 when Saved By The Bell went off air, now's your chance to get a ...

On 15 Aug,2022


6 Wedding Looks By Viktor & Rolf

Forget frothy layers of tulle and ornate embellishments. Always the non-conformists, the Viktor & Rolf designing duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren added six bridal looks to their resort 2014 collection ...

On 26 Jul,2022


Why Dermalogica Is The Most Popular Skincare Brand Used By Skin Therapists

Welcome to Beauty Boss, a reoccurring series in which we spotlight the power players driving the beauty world forward. Consider this your chance to steal their get-ahead secrets, and grow ...

On 22 Jul,2022

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