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12 Celebrities Who Are Pragmatic, Heartfelt Virgos

This year, our ability to cut through the distractions in order to be productive has definitely been put to the test. Yet, the ability to put your head down and ...

On 03 Nov,2022


12 Celebrities Who Epitomize Balance-Obsessed Libra Vibes

and tricks — like the details on her signature red lipstick — on Instagram. 2. Serena Williams The elite athlete, born on September 26, serves up plenty of Libra-style goals as a style-conscious go-getter. ...

On 25 Sep,2022


12 Celebrities Who Epitomize Curious, Creative Gemini Vibes

We've all have our own unique ways of coping with this era of social distancing. For some, snuggling up night after night to binge-watch the latest Netflix drop is a ...

On 19 Jul,2022


8 Celebrities On How They Cope With A Serious Health Condition

If you struggle with a health condition, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. In fact, many celebrities have dealt with serious health problems such as endometriosis ...

On 01 Jun,2022


Why Are Celebrities Smoking Toad Venom?

Move over, ayahuasca. Even though celebs like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have experienced mind-altering trips on the psychoactive Amazonian tea, there's another, more potent psychedelic that counts Mike ...

On 12 Nov,2021

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