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Mariah Carey'S Latest 'Gram Proves No One Travels As Fabulously As She Does

Mariah Carey once posed a thought-provoking question: "Why are you so obsessed with me?” she sang. Well, Mimi, we have an answer. On Wednesday afternoon the 46-year-old R&B diva ...

On 29 Dec,2021


Goop Collaborated With Puma On Sleek Athleisure Pieces — Including The World'S Cutest Jumpsuit

By now, you know to trust goop for everything from your beauty to vaginal needs, right down scented candles. So, if you're in the market for breathable, quality athleisure, you ...

On 17 Nov,2021


Your First Time At The Races: What To Wear

Going to the races for the first time can be exciting, thrilling and an overall brilliant experience. One of the things that you need to think about when going to ...

On 08 Dec,2021


10 Chic Outfit Ideas For Women In Their 30’S

Fashion is always changing. Our style not only adapts to the season, but to our lifestyles and age too. When you hit your 30’s and above, your fashion will shift ...

On 06 Apr,2022


21 Edgy Clothing Stores

What ‘edgy’ even means? Edgy style is chic and requires confidence. It’s unfussy and casual but gives off an urban vibe. Edgy dressers experiment with interesting shapes, cuts and ...

On 23 Nov,2021


23 College Halloween Costumes And Ideas

Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting events of the year, especially if you are at college. There will be so many cool parties and events to go ...

On 28 Dec,2021

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