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This Genius Invention Makes It Easier To Use The Restroom In Your Wedding Dress

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, but in the case of Heather Stenlake, it wasn't her own necessity that gave her a genius idea. Instead, ...

On 02 Aug,2022


Pinterest Just Made It Even Easier To Find Great Recipes

If Pinterest wasn't already your go-to site for fun, new recipes, it will be now. Thanks to the roll-out of their new filter and upgraded lens features on Tuesday, figuring ...

On 29 Jun,2022


Eating Like Jessica Biel Is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to her diet, Jessica Biel believes in balance. She doesn't follow any one regimen, and she hasn't banned sugar, or cheese. (Her cheat days involve cookies and ...

On 01 May,2022


This Is A Simple Way To Make Your Workout Feel Much Easier, According To Research

This article originally appeared on Martha Stewart Living. For more stories like it, visit marthastewart.com. One of the most effective forms of exercise is HIIT, otherwise known as high-intensity ...

On 11 Apr,2022

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