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Jennifer Aniston Talks Raising Chickens: "We Eat The Eggs Every Day"

It's no secret that many of Hollywood's heavy-hitters aren't above raising livestock in their backyards. From Gisele Bündchen to Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, these high-profile celebs are bringing ...

On 08 Aug,2022


What You Should Eat Before A Job Interview

Ugh, job interviews. We can’t live without them—literally. I mean, how else will you pay for those brunches and carrot-cinos? If you want to get Lady Luck on ...

On 23 Jul,2022


This Recipe From Milk Bar Chef Christina Tosi Will Change The Way You Eat Cereal

Christina Tosi, the James Beard Award-winning pastry savant behind Momofuku's sister bakery Milk Bar, loves cereal. It's apparent in her roster of creative desserts, which cleverly combine unexpected ingredients (coffee ...

On 28 Jun,2022


Have You Actually Eaten Pizza If You Don’T Eat The Crust? Sound Off In Our Poll Sparked By Patrick Stewart'S Twitter Debate

There’s a pizza out there for everyone. Whether you’re a classic pepperoni-and-cheese slicer or an artisanal veggie lover, it’s easy to make a pie that fits your ...

On 18 Jun,2022


How To Eat Like An Olympian, According To Gymnastics Sensation Aly Raisman

At just 17, Aly Raisman became a household name during the 2012 Summer Olympics as the captain of the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team, dubbed the Fierce Five. Raisman went on to ...

On 07 Jun,2022


A Surprisingly Healthy Dessert Recipe That'S Almost Too Pretty Too Eat

Is it possible for a salad to double as dessert? If you attempt this recipe, the answer is yes—with minimal guilt, we might add. The superfood-packed fruit dish, made ...

On 24 May,2022


8 Fitness Trainers Reveal What They Never Eat Before Or After A Workout

If you're anything like us, you usually grab whatever you can find on your way to workout, but according to these fitness gurus, we're doing it all wrong. Pasta and ...

On 20 May,2022


Buzzkill Alert: Don'T Eat Raw Cookie Dough

It's incredibly likely that at some point in your life someone has cautioned you against eating raw cookie dough because of the uncooked eggs it contains. While this is sage, ...

On 17 May,2022


Want To Be Happier? Eat More Of This

Your parents were on to something when they gently requested that you eat your vegetables—turns out, doing so can make you happier. According to a study in the American ...

On 07 May,2022


What To Eat Before And After Your Workout, According To Celebrity Trainer Dalton Wong

One of the biggest fitness myths out there is that working out on an empty stomach will help you burn fat. It can actually have the opposite effect, says Dalton ...

On 13 Apr,2022


7 Delicious Foods You Can Eat To Get That Summertime Glow

The following post originally appeared on FWx. For more stories like this, visit fwx.com. Since Memorial Day weekend kicks off the unofficial start to the summer, we talked with ...

On 07 Apr,2022

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