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Every Essential Parents Should Pack For The Kids On A Long Flight

When you're traveling on a plane with kids, it's important to bring an arsenal of essentials to ensure that the flight is as smooth and uneventful as possible. Check out ...

On 11 Jun,2022


The Ingenious Tool That Lets You Get The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time

Step away from the Scotch tape, and get ready to wing your eyeliner like a pro. Thanks to Beautyblender, there's a new makeup tool that will help you nail your ...

On 05 Jun,2022


The Important Skincare Product You Should Be Wearing On Every Flight You Take

There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care of yourself during a trip, but even the well-prepared traveler might be overlooking one major ...

On 30 May,2022


Sunglasses-And-Lipstick Pairings To Fit Every Summer Mood

The quickest and easiest pairing to pull off in the summer is your lipstick and sunglasses, hands down. Below we've put together four combinations to keep your shades coordinated with ...

On 14 May,2022


Planning A Last Minute Getaway? These 5 Apps Take Care Of Every Detail

Thanks to your smartphone, making vacay plans is easier—and more social—than ever. "Trending apps allow you to get alerts, share itineraries with friends, and browse things to do," ...

On 10 May,2022


Serena Williams Went To The Spa Every Day For A Week

It's always nice to hear celebrities talk about how low key and normal they are, but it's also pretty damn refreshing when they admit to being extra AF. For example, ...

On 27 Apr,2022


Here'S Every Product Our Beauty Editors Loved Using In March

March has been an interesting month, to say the least. In a matter of weeks, the entire world has been forced to make some serious shifts. No longer are we ...

On 22 Apr,2022


The Brand Behind The Body Lotion Every Beauty Editor Loves

Welcome to Beauty Boss, a reoccurring series in which we spotlight the power players driving the beauty world forward. Consider this your chance to steal their get-ahead secrets, and grow ...

On 08 Apr,2022


50 Incredibly Cute Hairstyles For Every Occasion

We don’t know about you, but we are always on the hunt for cute and trendy hairstyles we can do in less than twenty minutes. As usual, we’ve ...

On 28 Dec,2021

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