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Exercise Could Reduce The Threat Of 13 Cancers

It’s safe to say we’re all well-versed in the positive effects of exercise — from overall mood to the obvious physical benefits, getting active is important in all aspects ...

On 18 Jun,2022


Fitness Guru Emily Skye Gets Real About Diet And Exercise Struggles During Pregnancy

I always thought that when I became pregnant I would be really healthy and not eat any junk food at all. I also planned on exercising throughout (provided it was ...

On 24 Apr,2022


Peloton'S Jess Sims Shares Her 5 Favorite Pre- And Post-Ride Stretches

After a long and intense sweat-inducing workout, most of us are ready to book it straight out of the gym — or away from our workout space at home. The vast ...

On 06 Dec,2021


I Can'T Live Without These Butt-Sculpting, Sweat-Wicking Miracle Leggings

I have high standards when it comes to leggings. I either want them to feel buttery soft for lounging — like these leggings from Lululemon which feel like wearing nothing at ...

On 11 Nov,2021

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