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Fitness Blogger Will Remind You The Number On The Scale Isn'T Everything

We've been told time and time again to lessen our focus on the number the scale drums up when we step on it and more about how we feel, how ...

On 17 Oct,2022


Don’T Give Up On Your Fitness Resolution

January will come to a close this week. How did you do? Did you stick to your ’dry January’ goals? Did you give up dairy for the month? Did you ...

On 11 Sep,2022


Fitness Guru Emily Skye Is Still Working Out Like A Boss At 25 Weeks Pregnant

I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and feeling a lot better than I did during the first 16 weeks. I have more energy and most of my food aversions have disappeared. I’...

On 01 Sep,2022


Cushnie Et Ochs Launches Activewear Collection With Bandier Fitness, And We’Re Obsessed

Just when we thought athleisure couldn’t possibly get any chicer, Cushnie et Ochs and Bandier fitness partner on a luxury active apparel line and prove us all wrong. Cushnie ...

On 30 Aug,2022


Jane Fonda'S New Fitness Dvds!

"Do you feel as good as you look?” Oprah Winfrey asked a svelte and sexy Jane Fonda during her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show last week. "Yes," the 72 year-old ...

On 28 Aug,2022


You Can Actually Work Out On The Couch With Khloé Kardashian'S Go-To Fitness Gadget

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to leave the couch to get your cardio in? Well, Khloé Kardashian has the perfect solution! In a post on her ...

On 05 Aug,2022


Get A Jump On New Year'S Resolutions! These Are The Fitness Trends To Try Now

'Tis the season for indulging. From a third serving of pie at the Christmas table to a few too many cocktails at your New Year's Eve bash, the holidays inevitably ...

On 25 Jul,2022


Jennifer Lopez Gets Candid About Her Diet And Fitness Routine

When Jennifer Lopez was first breaking into Hollywood, one-dimensional executives didn’t embrace her brand of beauty. They would not so subtly suggest she lose weight or change her look, ...

On 15 Jul,2022


Sweat It Out: These New Fitness Sites And Apps Will Upgrade Your Workouts

Ready to break a sweat? Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a few minutes of yoga or get your cardio on in the comfort of your own living room, ...

On 02 Jun,2022


7 Postpartum Fitness Myths Experts Want You To Stop Believing

Exercise likely isn’t the first (or seventh) thing on your mind after having a baby. But for new moms who feel ready to get back to sweating again, knowing ...

On 29 May,2022


8 Fitness Trainers Reveal What They Never Eat Before Or After A Workout

If you're anything like us, you usually grab whatever you can find on your way to workout, but according to these fitness gurus, we're doing it all wrong. Pasta and ...

On 20 May,2022


Are There Any Fitness Benefits In Using That Steam Room At Your Gym?

Chances are, you’ve been in a gym locker room and noticed in the far back corner near the showers, there sits a steam room. And unless you’re a ...

On 12 May,2022


Fitness Guru Emily Skye Gets Real About Diet And Exercise Struggles During Pregnancy

I always thought that when I became pregnant I would be really healthy and not eat any junk food at all. I also planned on exercising throughout (provided it was ...

On 24 Apr,2022


Fitness: Julia Roberts'S Trainer'S #1 Workout Tip

Building up your summer beach body? Take a cue from Julia Roberts’s trainer and pick up a pair of dumbbells. "People are so focused on cardio that when they ...

On 11 Apr,2022


Julianne Hough’S Pre-Wedding Fitness Routine

For Julianne Hough, fitness isn’t a hobby—it’s a lifestyle. The Dancing with the Stars judge is constantly on the move, whether she’s on a long walk ...

On 01 Apr,2022


I Tried Apple Fitness For A Month — And Finally Became An At-Home Workout Person

, a former Jane Fonda instructor in her sixties who's all about 'strength at any age' and , a former college football player who lost his leg below the knee after a ...

On 01 Mar,2022


5 Prenatal Moves For Total-Body Strength, From Apple Fitness

Apple Fitness+ is on a mission to make the most inclusive fitness platform out there. Whether you've literally never hit the gym before or are a professional athlete, their 21 trainers ...

On 11 Jan,2022

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